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by Bethany Bluck

How To Help Your Baby To Settle

Before having my firstborn George I heard so many stories about how parents would spend hours rocking their babies to sleep and being chained to the sofa not being able to move in fear of waking their baby up and I was mortified.

I knew that there must be a way to avoid the exhausting task so I did a bit research and after a bit of trial and error I came up with a method that worked.

I have used this method on both of my children with great success and my sister also successfully used this method with her son. This tried and tested method has to be implemented within the first month of your baby being born (you could try this method with a baby of any age but I have only ever done it within the first month). I am in no way an expert this is just my personal experience, it could not work for your child at all because every child is different but its worth a try.

You will need:

  • Swaddle Blanket (or swaddle suit)

  • Moses Basket you can rock (or mamaroo)

  • Dummy

Step 1: Once you see your baby starting to get tired swaddle them tightly with their arms in an upright position (its the best position for deep sleep).

Step 2: Give your baby his/her dummy and rock them in your arms.

Step 3: As soon as your babies eyes start to close put them in the Moses basket (or mamaroo) and start rocking it gently.

Step 4: Your baby may resist and spit their dummy out crying, if this happens just put their dummy back in place your hand on them so they feel you there and continue rocking. Try this at least two times before moving onto step 5.

Step 5: If your baby is still crying feed them once more before trying again with step 4.


After you have used this method successfully a few times your baby will begin to fall asleep straight away and eventually go to sleep just by being put down in the Moses Basket no need for rocking because they have already got used to soothing themselves to sleep. Obviously, all babies have bad days when they have a tummy ache or are cutting a tooth or just feeling very clingy and just need cuddles, it’s okay to rock them and cuddle them to sleep when they need some extra TLC.

My son who is now two has settled himself to sleep since he was 2 months old and my daughter was the same (she is now 4 months old). I would highly recommend taking your babies dummy away either before or when they turn 1 because it gets a lot harder to take it away from them when they get older, learn from my mistakes my son still needs his dummy to get to sleep and in the day sometimes but I will be taking Riley’s away when she’s 1 at the latest.

If you try this method and it works for you I would LOVE it if you could let me know in the comments or over at my Instagram page @bethbluu. Do you know somebody that’s expecting or just had a baby? Share this post to them and help to make bedtime that bit easier.

Written by Bethany Bluck for her blog, Being Beth.

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