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How to survive a flight with children….

by Sarah Garley
‘Oh, I wouldn’t even attempt that’
‘That should be fun…..not!’
‘Good luck! Don’t forget, you’ll have the return flight to look forward to at the end of your holiday!!’

We’ve all heard those statements, when you tell someone that you’re going on holiday with your children, aged 2,5, and 9. And then the panic sets in – ‘have I done the right thing?’ ‘omg, it will be a nightmare’

But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare and full of stress, just try and follow these top tips that I’ve put together for you and your flight should be a breeze!

Tip 1

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

For children, food is key to the success of your flight!
Plenty of non messy snacks that take ages to eat are the best.

Tip 2

Pick the right flight time

Basically, don’t pick a flight that sets you up for failure before you take off.
Daytime flights work really well for kids on short haul flights. Yes, you do may pay more but isn’t it worth it for non-cranky kids!
Long haul flights are slightly different. Try to pick late or overnight flights both ways. Hopefully the smaller children will sleep during a part of the flight.

Tip 3

Electronics are a must!

I wholeheartedly, speaking from personal experience, recommend that you leave your perfect parenting pride in the airport car park. Electronic equipment is a sure fire way of keeping your little ones amused much longer than you can and means you might get a rest too!

Tip 4

Don’t stress the nap

I like routine! My children all had sleeping routines quite early on and I would stress when their routine was interrupted. This routine goes completely out of the window on an aeroplane.
Try not to stress if your child doesn’t sleep – it’s new for them and you’re on holiday, they can sleep when they like!!!

Tip 5

Do a lucky dip bag!

This is my go to tip if anyone asks me what to do with children on a flight!
Wrap up some little bits for the kids to open at various times during the flight. Then they have something to look forward to every so often and what they open will keep them amused!
Ideas for presents – Stickers, snacks, colouring book with triangular crayons(they don’t roll off tray tables!!), bendy straws, toys that shake and rattle(tic-tacs work really well!), a book, wordsearch book, magazines.
So that’s it, that’s my top 5 tips for flying with children! Good luck, and I hope I’ve helped!!
Sarah xx


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