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by Bdblogs

Important Lessons For My Babies

Whilst we’re in the middle of a crisis – as such, and we’re teaching our children at home.

It got me thinking, what’s important to me, as a parent, for my children.

So I wrote this.

To my Oscy and Edie,

I’m your teacher, not just throughout this little blip in your lives. But always. And I’ve had a think, now don’t get me wrong, you learning your alphabet, it made me proud of course.

But… It’s not everything to me.

Here’s what matters to me my babies.

HAVE FUN, trust me, fun is the be all and end all, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. I enjoy nothing more than our dance offs in the kitchen, and my concerts with the music blasting whilst singing at the top of my lungs – whilst I’m washing up. Flicking the bubbles around and shaking our booties.

Empathy and sympathy , this is so huge and you my little babe are grasping it perfectly. From understanding upset and how it matters, not squashing the bugs because their mama will miss them, THIS.. MAKES ME PROUD. It’s so huge to me. Seeing your emotions regarding OTHERS emotions, it will take you farrrrr!

Humour, you’ve just gotta laugh, at the moment: it’s trumps and silly dances,and as you grow, it will probably be stupid jokes and tricks, but this is everything I wanna see from you my cheeky pair of pumpkins.

Confidence, I want the confidence you display whilst putting on a production to your teddies, to be the confidence you use to stand up to everything wrong in the world. you’re going to change the world! No doubt in my mind.

Determination, going hand in hand with confidence, fight for your dreams, maybe you want to be an astronaut, maybe a ballerina. People will laugh, but I hope I teach you to prove them wrong my darlings. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU’LL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH.

Grace, sometimes you’re going to lose, sometimes people will do you wrong and my babies, you need to have grace and composure! Then let the crazy out once you’re at home in your safe space. We don’t need to bottle the emotions.

Unapologetically emotional, this follows on from grace, whilst I’d love you to have that grace, I’d like you to know that crying is encouraged. Anger is allowed. Jealousy is understood. Human emotions are just that, HUMAN! And I don’t ever want you to feel ashamed of them.

And for you to remember whats important, you.. You’re important, your health is important. Your friends and the people who love you, and you love are important. Animals are important, flowers, bugs and bees are important. The little bits left of green spots are important. Look after these things my smalls and they will look after you.

And last but simply most importantly, to know you’ll always be loved, unconditionally – we love your characters, your strength, your weaknesses and all your beauty.

The abc’s, the 123’s. They’re just a plus for me.
Love your teacher mama. X

Written by Bethany Dempsey at BD Blogs.

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