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IVF Twin Mummy: Meet Leah at ‘Hallie, Harlow and Me’!

by Leah Black

If you’re set to start the IVF process, here’s a blogger who could help to bring you some hope!

We had a chat with the fabulous Leah Black, blogger at hallie_harlow_and_me on Instagram! She’s very kindly shared some insight into the IVF process, finding out she was expecting twins, and how her pregnancy went!

How did you find the IVF process?

How did I find it… truthfully, I loved the IVF process after 7 years of every other treatment available I was so ready to get started… I mean let’s be honest it’s a brutal process, injections, medication, baseline scans, being prodded and poked, tired, sore, hormonal etc but for me, it was the closest I’d ever felt to becoming a mummy so I felt so much excitement.

It was tough though, my emotions were all over the place and I felt like crap a lot of the time but I knew it was the best thing for us so I went with it and tried to enjoy it as much as possible!

I decided to speak out about infertility and IVF using my Instagram, I wanted other woman and men going through it to know they weren’t alone and by doing so I opened up a world of other people who felt the pain I did and that made it so much easier to cope with. I have met some of my closest friends through being open and women still contact me now to talk or meet and I feel so honored when they do.


How did you feel finding out you were having twins?

So we transferred 2 embryos, 1 high grade and the other was a really low graded embryo that we were told probably isn’t worth keeping, and both took! (I know right?! Amazing)

When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t expect twins at all! I was in such a bubble that I was finally pregnant after 7 years that I didn’t even consider it. Then before my first scan I had a bleed so as you can imagine I was absolutely shattered. I thought it was over. I went into hospital at 8pm at night and they scanned me… before the doctor said anything, I looked and said to my husband “there’s 2!” And the doctors confirmed. I remember just crying hysterically. I think I was so overwhelmed with happiness I couldn’t control it.

Finding out I was having twins was scary but also I felt like I’d waiting so long that I was given 2 as a gift. It is the best gift ever!!


How was your pregnancy?

I had an amazing pregnancy, no sickness, no pain, nothing! I felt great throughout up until 33 weeks when I was huge!! (Like a turtle stuck on its back)!  The days were long and nights much longer but i knew it was worth it.


What golden nugget of advice would you give to anyone having IVF?

To anyone going through infertility and IVF… The pain you feel in your heart is normal, your tears are validated and this heartache won’t last forever.

I know how hard it is to talk about it but if you can, chat to someone, if it’s your husband, partner, best friend, strangers on the internet that are going through the same, I promise it helps!

I always remember feeling like I was grieving for the loss of something that wasn’t there and I truly believe I was.

You’ve got this and you were given this mountain because you are strong enough to climb it!

Also I know I am a mum now but if anyone reading this ever wants to chat to someone, I’m always here. Just message me.


What do you want the world to know about IVF on the whole?

IVF is incredible, it makes couples dreams come true. It’s a big decision to make and can be very costly but it’s worth it!

IVF changed my life and I am forever grateful ️ I hope it can do the same to you reading this.


Thank you Leah! It’s so great to be able to raise awareness of IVF – there are still many misconceptions, and we hope that sharing Leah’s story helps anyone in our community who is struggling with their fertility.


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