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by Crazy New Mumma

Meet Ella: Crazy New Mumma!

Hey everyone! My name is Ella Roberts and I run an Instagram account called crazynewmumma

I’m a new mummy to my daughter Mya who is 17 months old. The reason I started my page is because Instagram has a tendency to be perfect all the time even when it comes to parenting (which we all know is NOT perfect) and I found I was comparing myself to other new mums who had a perfect looking life. So I wanted to speak about situations I’ve come across as a new parent even if its a “taboo” subject.
My aim is to keep my page as real as possible. Of course there are some cute photos of Mya along the way and of us as a family.

Here are my top 4 posts so you can get a feel of what my page is all about.

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