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by Sophie Lassman

Meet Sophie: That Makeup Mum!

I started posting about my family to Instagram when my daughter was born.

I am originally a makeup artist and have been for 8 years but when I had Savannah it meant I was at home a lot so decided to start posting more photos of our day to day lives. It started as just a way to share our outfits with family and friends but as my following grew I started to receive questions about different issues in parenting.

From this I decided to start my blog where I post about various issues that I have faced personally. My son was born two years later and it gave me a new insight into parenting now I had two small children to look after. I love sharing our daily activities, the places we visit and the outfits we wear! I have met and spoken with lots of other mums over the past three years and I feel as though I am growing and learning with them on this journey of parenthood!

Follow Sophie on Instagram here, and visit her website here!

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