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by Yvette Embleton


As the days get shorter, the trees transform and the temperature takes a nose dive! So, we’re left with a big question, what on earth do we dress the little ones in? – Fear not! We’ve scoured the web and brought you the latest Autumn fashion accessories for their wardrobe!


Sure, we can just dust off last year’s warmer wear but little ones grow so much! Chances are there’s no way they’ll fit in last years’ clothing meaning you’ll have to start stocking up on warmer items.  Check out our favourites picks below!



You’re only ever one tempting puddle away from having a soggy, miserable toddler so having the correct footware in the wetter seasons is super important if you want to avoid a melt down.


We couldn’t choose just one pair, so here’s 4! Both the tan Chelsea Scallop Boots* and the Warm Lined Chukka Boots*  are so classically autumnal- they’ll go with everything and look super smart. The Chunky Lace-Up Berry Boots* are just gorgeous – they’ll definitely brighten up a gloomy day! Finally, the Dinosaur Spike Boots* are so fun – we just had to show you them!






All kids love playing in puddles and squelching through mud! We’ve chose these wellies because they’ll do the job and your little one will enjoy wearing them – That’s half the battle!
P.S Check out the Ducky ones!

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