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My Elective C-Section & Why I’d Do It Again

by Bump, Baby & You

C-Section – Elective – I would do it again

I decided my first blog would be about my C-Section experience from 7 weeks ago, because I’ve had 3 articles pushed via social media about horrendous experiences and they are not all like it, I want other mums to realise;

✔️ You’re no less a mum because your sun roof was used..
✔️yes you bleed (a lot)
✔️Yeah it hurts
✔️No you’re not paralysed for days
✔️ You can still nurse your baby
✔️ Your core muscles are really important.


So, second pregnancy, second boy! Morning sickness was horrendous – it eased up from 24 weeks but I was sick every day. I had an elective section due to complications, easy pregnancy but a crap birth (I told everyone it would be!)

At 38 weeks and 5 days “I think” I had difficulty breathing, I phoned the hospital and they asked me to pop in, ECG – normal, blood pressure – normal I was admitted for a day because they wished to rule out blood clot,  butI was fine.

A week later I saw my consultant and explained the situation and she agreed at 39 weeks 5 days to give me a stretch and sweep, HOWEVER she went “let me just scan him and check him.” They scanned, he was breech, which explained why I was unable to breath with a head in my lungs (4 Drs at the largest hospital in Oxford missed this and god knows how many midwives too). We discussed my options and I picked the elective over attempting to have him turned.

I attended the hospital the following day to discuss my section. Thursday came round (slowly). I got to the hospital no one knew why I was there (I got super stressed) blood pressure went through the roof with swelling and protein I was admitted with pre eclampsia…. (laughable as my blood pressure hadn’t ever been high until I got annoyed) anyway…… 5 days in hospital, Tuesday 20th Section day – 3 days over …

At 12:30 I was collected from my bed and taken down stairs with the husband, I was asked to pop my gown on and those sexy sexy TEDS (white stockings) and I was then taken round to theatre, yep I walked (enjoy this walk, it’s your last for a while).

The team do pop by your bed to meet you beforehand, I met the surgeon, the anaesthetist, and their support. In the room I had my cannula popped in the hand, and the spinal block aka epidural! It’s weird! Your legs go really warm like you’ve just sat in a warm bath, they ask you to lay down on your left side and they roll you on to your back (you may feel sick …. blood pressure dips – tell them they can help you so you don’t feel sick) they ask you if you want the screen dropped to see your baby coming out. I opted for yes for both me and dad. Before they cut anywhere they spray your shoulder with a VERY COLD spray they then spray your tummy, thigh and toes to ensure you can not feel anything (it’s weird), once ready you feel only pressure, tugging and pushing and pulling – NO PAIN!

Now, while this is all going on, you’ve got the lovely anaesthetist asking how you feel, if you need anything constantly and your birthing partner to talk to! This all kicked off about 14:15 at 14:35 Max was born…. now he struggled to take the first breath so they helped him hubby popped off to stay with him, 5 minutes later he was in my arms while they stitched me up this took about 30-40 minutes….. Max was with me the entire time, when we went round to onset sobs was with me the whole time, dad too! I nursed him, changed him all while still numb but your upper body comes in handy to sit up and move around when you need to!

After an hour or two I regained feeling in my legs, began to eat and drink (it helps your pulse and blood pressure), accept all pain relief to keep topped up, you’re no worse a mum for having paracetamol! Anyway, by 10pm I was up walking about and believe me when you stand up for the first time it feels like your stomach is going to fall out (it won’t I promise), you’ve got this! It’s not too bad and my scar is beautiful !

The bleeding gets worse the more you do, but by week two I stopped bleeding. I only took paracetamol for a few days (but take it for as long as you need to)!

I was driving by week 3, I could complete an emergency stop without any pain so I felt confident driving my little C1 around.

It’s now 7 weeks and you wouldn’t be able to tell I had a section over a vaginal!

I’ve now had both and I would choose a section again.

Now, I’ve read articles about not having that instant bonding moment – I’ll tell you I definitely had it with Max, on Thursday 14th I was told the date I would be meeting my boy, I had 5 days of build up, 5 days of getting excited (in hospital) 5 days of telling my eldest that Max will be here in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ! The c section experience was so chilled out, I had radio 1 playing, I was laying there holds my my husbands hand, just chatting, about our new arrival.

Now I appreciate not all go so smoothly, however, not all are horrendous blood baths.

Enjoy every moment natural or sun roof, it’s yours and babies moment!


Written by Kerry Tydeman for her blog MrsTyders.



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