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by Elisabeth Williams

Newborn Footprints Craft

If you’ve had a baby, or know someone who has, you’ll know how incredibly quickly they grow.  For both of our girls I wanted to capture these precious early moments before they had passed.  With our eldest, I did a number of hand and foot prints, but I wish we had done more, for our youngest I went print crazy!

Recently a number of my friends have had babies of their own, and I wanted to help them capture these precious first moments.  These are some footprints I did for one of my best friends after they had their little girl;

Hand and footprints are a lovely gift for family and friends; they’re unique, very personal, easy to do, and cost very little (paint and paper).  They make beautiful cards and keep sakes.

Keep an eye out for our personalised Christmas cards.

Written by Elisabeth Williams at Little Cup of Mum!

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