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by Tania

Nursery Checklist

So now it’s finally sunk in that you’re having a baby – and you’re beginning to realise how much stuff you need to acquire in preparation for the arrival of your little bundle!

He or she will need a place for said stuff, and that place is likely to be the nursery!  This is where you get to ‘nest’ within an inch of your life, unearthing your inner interior design goddess in the process. I thought this nursery checklist might come in handy as a guide to everything you need!

Here’s a brief rundown of what you’ll need to create your dream nursery – and it needn’t cost the earth either!

1. Cot/Cotbed

Some people choose to co-sleep (some have little choice but to co-sleep) – in which case the cotbed is merely decoration (in the beginning anyhow).  For the chosen few that have a baby who sleeps well in their own space, it’s the place your baby will spend their nights. Mostly. Either way, it’s the focal point of the room and a must-have.

2. Changing Unit

Changing units are such a simple idea, and they make those night-time nappy changes so much easier! It’s basically a chest of drawers for nappies, baby wipes and other changing essentials – with a special bit on the top where you can securely place a changing mat.  It means not having to use the floor, which isn’t great for your back!

If you’re on a budget though, you could attach a changing mat to the top of a low-medium height chest of drawers.

3. Rocking / Glider Chair

If you have the space for one of these things, I strongly recommend picking one up! Styles vary greatly, and pricing can generally go from around the £75 mark, all the way to £500+!  There are some fab ones in Kiddicare at the moment!

4. Wardrobe

Your little one will go through more costume changes than Lady Gaga on steroids.  You will get carried away, and buy far too many clothes.  You will also be given a mountain of clothing from friends and family. These three facts mean you will be needing a wardrobe for all your baby’s outfits!  You can usually get one to match your cotbed and/or changing unit, but can be bought separately too.  And if you’re on a budget, there are lots of clever ways to store your little ones clothes – check out our Crafty Ideas board on Pinterest!

5. Baby Monitor

If I didn’t have a baby monitor, my imagination would have been working overtime every time my baby was out of sight, and I would have been constantly checking in – risking disturbing them!  I was quite an anxious mum the first time around, so I invested in a monitor with all the trimmings.  There are so many features available – sensor pads that sit under baby’s mattress and alert you when there’s been no movement for a while, two-way audio, temperature sensors, night-time vision, digital video…  it all sounds like something out of a James Bond movie doesn’t it?  But they needn’t cost a fortune – keep an eye out for Baby Events and sales and you’re bound to spot one for a good price.  Check out my handy little Top 5 Baby Monitors review here.

6. Bedding & Soft Furnishings, etc

Now that baby has somewhere to sleep, it’s important to have the right bedding. Especially since they don’t yet have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. There are lots of cot bedding sets out there to choose from, and you’ll often find there are matching curtains and other accessories too.  Otherwise, sleeping bags are super cute – and they’re great if you’re worried about baby wriggling down under the covers.  Some babies don’t like them though – my eldest just wouldn’t have it! She wriggled, kicked and cried until she was out of it!

7. Accessories & Finishing Touches

Babies have such active little minds, and they’re at their happiest when they have something to keep them engaged!  A cot mobile – especially one with a gentle melody or two – will get their attention and keep them happy until they drift off.

A nightlight would also be a good idea – Slumber Buddies and the Gro Eggs are great choices!

Now, we’re almost there! The walls maybe look a little bare though. Time to look at some wall art!  You can get anything from a full wall decal to a beautiful personalised painting.  Etsy is a fab place, with lots of lovely unique little treasures up for grabs!

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