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by Marie Blake

Packing for a baby or toddler in your hand luggage 10 essentials I have to take.

Just when you think you have worked out what to pack for a trip away with the baby, you then realise that you need to put the ‘important items’ in hand luggage. To avoid the sudden panic of realising the babies dummy is in a the bag at bottom of your case in the airplane hold. Or your baby’s favourite toy is in the boot of the car on the M25.

Aside from all the important grown up stuff – passports, money, tickets etc….I’ve compiled a list of your weapons useful things to have to hand on any journey with a baby or toddler.

1. Food and snacks.

Pre weaned babies will need milk, if you’re breastfeeding then that is nice and easy. If formula feeding, I’d recommend the ready made formulas For travel. If you’re flying and can’t take liquid in hand luggage through security, normally there’s a Boots once you’ve had your bags scans, I’d suggest pre ordering the formula to pick up before your flight, just don’t forget the bottles. After weaning, alongside milk, be sure to pack plenty of snacks, cereal bars, pouches etc and of course a bottle or sippy cup with water in.

2. Books and toys.

I’d limit these to favourite toys and small items. When we have travelled in the past Jasmine has had hours of fun with stack cups and little toys to put in them. Also little puzzles will keep them busy. A couple of favourite books and they will enjoy them. (Try to avoid noisy books and toys. You’ll thank me for this). Bubbles are also a cheap but fun option.

3. Crayons and paper.

If there’s a meal tray fold it down and let them draw on the paper, I say crayons as there’s less chance they can ruin furniture on the transport, their clothes or stab themselves in the eye.

4. Teething relief.

If baby is teething bring something for them to chew. We love Sophie the giraffe and Nuby teething rings, small but effective. Also any gels, teething crystals or liquids you may use to give them relief.

5. Muslin cloths.

Let’s face it they have a million uses and are very handy!

6. Nappies and wipes.

Because they will need changing, wipes are so handy to wipe their faces, noses etc. I also pack some anti bacterial gel just to avoid germs.

7. A change of clothes for them.

In cases where they’re sick or have a poorly timed nappy explosion, it’s always hand to have spares.

8. Blanket.

We use a super chunky blanket from My Hummy for Jasmine to lay on across us as it’s so thick and soft, we also have a blanket incase it’s chilly too! Also any other items you may use for sleep or comfort- white noise, dummies and I use an organic foot oil from Mummy loves organics which always helps Jasmine wind down on our travels.

9. Tablet.

It wouldn’t be my first port of call but I always download some of Jasmines favourite programmes if she needs a calm moment during the journey. I keep the volume low and she will cuddle in and watch.

10. Plastic bags

If you need to clear up mess, rubbish, dirty clothes. Of course, never leave little ones alone with plastic bags.

So these are my essential items to pack. What are your must have items in your hand luggage?

Written by Marie Blake for her blog, Tummy2Mummy.

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Rocking the mum bun since 2017 (at least in my head I am). In my blog I focus mainly on being really honest about motherhood, its good to talk about it warts and all. I also document my travels with a little person and general lifestyle topics. I have a toddler (which means I have excellent negotiating skills) but she has never slept longer than two a two hour stretch so I love giving tips of great ways to look after yourself, hide the bags under your eyes and fully encourage post midday wine drinking! Enjoy and dont let me put you off parenting, it rocks really (most of the time).
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