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by Bethany Collings

Parent Porkies - Things We Lie To Our Kids About...

Many of us swore blind that we’d never lie to our kids, before we had them.

The reality of the situation is that sometimes, a little benign porkie here and there can just make life much, much easier for us as parents and not be of any harm to the little ones! 

We asked the mummies over in our community group to tell us what little white lies they use as parents and the response was amazing! Here are our favourite…

Laura Davis: When the ice cream van plays a tune it means he has run out of ice cream!!

Dannii Coshell: That if the lights are on on the little ride ons at the supermarket, it means they’re broken

Cassie-Marie Abrahams: My carrot cake is too spicy and they won’t like it.

Christine Fox: You can only go on the rides on the supermarket on your birthday

Leah Clarke: The shops ran out of chocolate. YouTube is broken. Park is closed, softplay is closed, santa said they have to eat their veg or they will be on the naughty list and get no presents. The list goes on lol

Dani Walker: My sweets were medicine and chocolate is spicy

Melissa Quintero: My 2 year old was sat in front of me. I thought I was being sneaky and I so discretely opened a chocolate. I was so proud of myself he didn’t notice! Then halfway through it he turned around and out came “I smell something! Chocolate?!!” I quickly said “No baby I don’t know what that is, just keep playing!” Luckily he didn’t keep questioning it lol.

Destiny Hancocks: The toy section is closed on (whichever day we happen to be there).

Aubree Curtner: That the neighbors are sleeping so we gotta be quiet!

Tell us in the comments… What little lies do YOU use?!
Love from Bethany & Team BBY. Xx
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