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by TheUnicornMum

Poem: The Autism Rainbow

The Autism Spectrum,

It’s a brightly lit rainbow,

No one person the same,

And there’s things you won’t know…


Like that we aren’t all savants,

Or lacking in empathy or emotions,

Or that we can’t ‘look autistic’,

And that we’re just going through the motions…


If we want, we can have lots of happy babies,

And get on with living our best lives,

And we can enjoy a sizzling love life,

And become husbands and wives!


Of course, it isn’t the same for everyone,

And autism is so diverse,

But with enough love and support,

Life can be happy – there are things that are worse!


Think of autism as a rainbow,

We’re all varying hues of a different shade,

None of us quite the same, but just as bright,

There’s no reason to be afraid.


Written by The Unicorn Mum

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