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by The Hairy Father

Posh Mums Vs A Bearded Dad

When it comes to me, I’m not the poshest of people, actually I’m far from it, yes I was brought up at a dinner table, learning to lay the table properly (grandparents are quite strict) I learnt to eat with the family and then sit around and talk to each other and not head to our phones or just vacate into watching the TV and all the crap nights TV.

But since becoming a dad I have realised that I couldn’t care less what people think about me or my kids, they are mine, my rowdy boisterous boys…that are mad and want to do everything at 9 millions miles an hour and on the other hand sweet and think they are innocent…(never going to happen, only on their mums eyes…) so when Fin started nursery I was for a few months the only dad who dropped off and picked up their kid…so as a bloke you do one of two things…

1. Don’t speak to anyone and just observe and listen…

2. Ignore everything that goes on, drop off the kid, go home and pick him up…

I decided to go for option 1, wear sunglasses and just observe all the other mums in the waiting room and hear their conversations…oh the gossip, bitching, moaning and just all round general natter, I felt like Mel Gibson from the film “What women want” just thinking to myself “do not say anything just go and report back to the wife because she will want to know all gossip” I felt like a kid with a school essay, making sure I makes all the points and all the gossip correct. You don’t want a women to know false gossip…

In one moment of not being in any conversation with the mums, I over hear a mum saying to another “I’m not happy this morning…” the other mum replying “oh why?” She then looks at her kid and says “this one has used and broken my favourite DIOR lipstick” well I’m a bloke so it’s only a lipstick right? Can you not buy a new one? I know I’ll get comments on this because shades, colours and types and place of buying…so calm yourself…I just giggled to myself and wrote it down in mental notebook…

But now I am fully involved in the conversations and got to know some of the other mums and really they are harmless, they just like to moan and it’s the way of getting a vent in the morning with the other mums.

My opinion to other dads who are in other situation just drop off run away!

Until next time…

The Hairy Father

Written by The Hairy Father.

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A bearded father of 2 boys, giving you the insight of day to day life of parenthood from a dads perspective...with funny and WTF gives you the aspect of parenthood isnt all that and it comes with challenges...but its rewarding...
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