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Rosalind’s First Christmas

by Cara Goulding

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. It’s magic and it’s exciting. I love the traditions, the food and the company. Everyone is in such a loving mood from Christmas Day to New Year and it is near impossible not to get into the festive spirit. 

Of course this meant that Rosie’s first Christmas was always going to be a massive deal to me. We not only got to show her traditions but also decide what traditions we’d like to do going forward.

I was trying so hard to remember that I mustn’t build it up too much as I am want to do that actually Christmas was upon us in moment and suddenly it was time to go away to our families homes.

We were at my parents house for four days and at my in laws for four days so a jam-packed few days. We arrived at my parent’s house on the Saturday and popped our presents under the tree ready for Christmas Day.

Granny and Grandad wasted no time in smother Rosie with love and playing with her. It’s so lovely that they got to spend their first grandchild’s first Christmas with her. It doesn’t mean I got any more of a break though as she is going through a very clingy phase so it’s hard for me to even leave the room.

 The next few days before Christmas passed in a blur of family arriving, lots of home cooked food, board games and a Christmas Eve trip into town and Rosie’s first Wagamama’s. A potential new tradition?! (I kid!)

After dark fell on Christmas Eve we put a couple of carrots and a glass of red wine out for Father Christmas to find when he delivered his gifts. We put her to bed telling her that she must stay asleep or else he wouldn’t come. Of course this meant that she took forever to settle down but she was asleep before midnight.

 Christmas Day dawned and she woke at a very reasonable 7am (I am very aware that the older she gets the earlier that wake up will become!). Father Christmas had managed to sneak in and leave a little stocking at the end of her cot. We got into bed and opened her presents, her first flashing whizzy toy and a tambourine, which she was very taken with.

We got up and dressed, Rosie wearing a special Christmas dress made by her Granny, and headed downstairs for breakfast. A bacon baguette eaten and some Prosecco poured, we were ready to start opening our gifts. This year my two brothers, and their partners and Leigh and I all did Secret Santa so it was fun to see who got who. Rosie started to open her presents – a couple of books from us and a personalised dressing gown. We didn’t get her much as there really wasn’t much need with her being so young. My family all chipped in and got her a rocking mammoth, which is very cute.

Rosalind was sleepy from all the Christmas excitement so she went off for a nap whilst the grown ups finished opening their gifts. We received a giant canvas with a picture of the three of us and some new pots and pans. Leigh got me a beautiful chunky bracelet with Rosalind and her date of birth engraved in, with space for further engravings. Rosie got me some photography equipment which was very kind of her.

One she woke up, we carried on opening her gifts, a mug, leggings, snow globe, book and her very first doll called Rosie. She was very lucky to have lots of lovely family to spoil her.

 Once all the gifts were opened it was time to sit down to Christmas Dinner. Rosie got into the Christmas spirit with a special bib and a cracker hat which she actually managed to keep on for more than 30 seconds. She ate more food than I think she’s ever eaten, she must have enjoyed Granny’s cooking. She was even kind enough to share it with her too.

We spent the rest of the day playing with her presents, she had a read with Granny and before we knew it Christmas Day was over. How quickly time goes when you have a little baba. I rocked her to sleep and had a little moment just the two of us, amazed that I have a child to share the excitement of Christmas with.

 Boxing Day and we set off a bit later than I’d hoped but we were on the road mid morning and heading to Bath and the in laws. I was really looking forward to this part as Rosie is in love with children and babies at the moment so I knew she’d be ecstatic at seeing her cousins.

We arrived and of course she was thrilled, beaming at the both of them and watching with fascination as they tore about the place.

It was also time for gifts part II, I was loving it because really I got to open the presents and she mostly just tried to eat them. Once again she was very spoilt for one so small. Her grandparents got her an activity table and a monkey that spins around and throws out balls. Her aunt and uncle got her a Smartrike, something that I’ve never heard of before but it’s very cool, and will work with her until she is 3 years old.

When every last present was unwrapped (I got new lipstick, tequila and some clothes spending money) it was time to have our second Christmas dinner. Again Rosie throughly enjoyed it, she seems to like a roast dinner the best, particularly the pigs in blankets part.

 After lunch we practiced Rosalind’s walking, she has learnt that she needs to move her feet forwards, and we assembled her presents – the first of many Christmas’ where we will need a screwdriver and some batteries. She hasn’t got any electronic toys yet so she was obviously drawn towards them and seemed quite interested which is a relief.

Leigh and I spent the remainder of Boxing Day drinking Baileys and eating a big melty camembert which is just the perfect Christmas really isn’t it?

 We spent the remainder of our time in Bath seeing old friends, and I met up with some new mum friends from Instagram. It was lovely just to have some time to spend as a family, playing games and watching the children all interact with each other.  Rosie was an absolute charmer to everyone that she saw but she seemed especially taken with the men of both families, beaming away at the Uncles and Grandads.

The nine days that we were away seemed to pass in a blur, I was desperately trying to capture every single moment as we wont get another first Christmas with her, and her second Christmas is going to be very different indeed. She will be nearly two years old so will have more interest in everything that happens.


A big thank you to everyone for your well wishes and gifts, you’ve helped make the first one very special. I hope you had a wonderful first Christmas too with your little one(s).

Cara x

Written by Cara Goulding for her blog, Oh My Goulding.

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