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by GrowingUpWithNature

Spring Nature Activities

Spring is here! Finally, warmer weather and longer days are on their way!

Whilst winter does have it’s own wonders, you can read them here, there is something to be said for an adventure on a lovely sunny day. Here are our top spring activities for your family to enjoy!

Nature Hunts

Spring is a fantastic time to get out and explore all of the new life erupting in nature. From lambs to daffodils, there is so much to see. We love to head outdoors, explore some new areas and take a nature hunt with us. Not only does the time outdoors benefit your little ones, the nature hunts add a purpose to the journey and is fun to complete as a family!

There are some truly wonderful places to explore. Why not head out and find somewhere new?

Get Planting!

Nothing makes kids quite as happy as dirt. They love it. So why not indulge their passion and get planting! Spring is the perfect time to start planting a wildlife garden or to even start a small allotment in your garden.

These activities are both enjoyable ans educational. Building a garden teaches children all about local wildlife and how to support it. Planting their own fruit, veg and herbs will teach them how to grow their own food and care for plants. Both of which are valuable life lessons!

Our girls absolutely love our mini-homestead. This year has been full of propagating seeds, digging beds and of course lots and lots of dirt! Aria especially has learnt so much from such a short space of time, I am sure she will be planting her own little section next year!

Even if you don’t have a large outdoor space, pots are a fantastic option and will work well indoors or on a balcony. For more inspiration visit our Pinterest boards.

Visit A Farm

Whilst not strictly a nature activity, spring just seems the perfect time to visit your local farm. We have certainly spent a lot of time at our local farm in the last month.

It is a wonderful time of year to welcome all of the new lambs and chicks, as well as teaching children about life cycles and where their food comes from. Not to mention the added cute bonus factor…..

Most farms will also still be in low season, so may well have reduced admission until summer, making it an affordable and fun day out for all. Perhaps take one of our on the farm animal card sets or a farm nature hunt to see what you can find.

Take a Bluebell Walk

Bluebells are a truly beautiful species of plant and there is nothing quite like taking a spring walk through beautiful woodland carpeted in a sea of rich blue flowers.

Find out where your local woodlands are and take a wander. I’m sure your children will be amazed at the vibrant colours! Not to mention all of the photo opportunities!

Tadpole Spotting

It’s not just lambs and chicks that are abundant at this time of year. Frogs are busy creating lots of frog spawn and cute little tadpoles too! Head to the nearest pond to see if you can see any sign of tadpoles, nature reserves are a fantastic place to visit large ponds full of wildlife. Just be sure not to disturb any frogspawn or tadpoles if you do spot some!

If you want to teach your children all about the life cycle of frogs, our poster is a brilliant resource to take with you and help to identify what stages the frogs are in. How many will you spot? Are they tadpoles or froglets?

Whether used as a learning activity for home school or just a fun family trip out, tadpole spotting is enjoyable for all!

There you have our top spring time activities! From lambs, to sunny woodland walks, there are so many options to explore in spring. Nature truly provides experiences for every season! No matter where you live, simply head outside and see what nature has to offer.

What are your favourite spring time activities? Feel free to share your adventures with us on our social media, we would love to hear all about them!



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