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Tasty Toddler Lunch Ideas

by KatHuggins

Harry is currently 4, so I’m not 100% sure that he counts as a toddler, but these are some of the great meals we have been feeding him during lockdown!

For most of Harry’s meals, we use section plates. Harry gets very upset if things touch on his plate a lot of the time.
Our current favourite plates for him are these munchkin apple shaped plates.
1. Picnic lunch – This lunch is definitely a huge hit in our house. We try and keep this as balanced as possible – He usually has a sandwich, fruit, dairy, protein and a treat. While he doesn’t always have everything listed we find when he has a picnic lunch he usually eats most of it quite well.
toddler picnic lunch
2. Snack lunch  – What toddler doesn’t love a snack? Harry normally doesn’t even really realise this is a lunch and always demolishes this. The most often used combination is hummus with carrot and cucumber, fruit, cheese string, chorizo and yoghurt, but again this varies depending on what we have in.
toddler snack lunch png
3. Hot lunch – This is possibly the one we have least for Harry and probably his least favourite but he still does love it.
We do still tend to try and give Harry a balanced meal when giving him hot food though, so he always had some kind of fruit with these lunches.
toddler hot lunch


Have you got any toddler/baby friendly meals or recipes that you’d like to share with us?
Get in touch and let us know!


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