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by The Dual Duo

The Dual Duo: Breastfeeding Twins!

Pump it up!

People think breastfeeding is easy, and for some it can be.

For others, breastfeeding can take organization, dedication and lots of time. Pumping was like a full time job for me, something I had to do every 2 hours or my supply dropped massively. My routine was pump, nurse directly, pump again! Many women have issues with milk supply, especially if their baby/babies have issues latching or were introduced formula at birth.

Lots of babies who have to spend their first moments in the NICU are given formula which is a shame because we all know the benefits of colostrum. Some women express milk because they go to work or their baby prefers drinking from a bottle. Some formula feed because they have to, some nurse directly. Whatever your journey with your baby, remember FED IS BEST. For those women who are pumping, keep going mama! You’ve got this!

Hugs from a tired twin mama!

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Name is Gem Sherif. Teacher, wife and first time twin mum to two girls, aged 6months. I'm from the UK but I'm currently living in Kuwait with my American husband, 2 daughters and dog Rae. My girls were preemies born at 35weeks and weighing just 5lbs. They are dual citizens of the UK and USA which is why my Instagram is called the dual duo!
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