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by The Hairy Father

The Incredible Threenager

When Fin hit 3 we both thought…YES terrible twos are over and we have a sweet innocent boy now…oh was we wrong.

It seemed to have over night been turned into a full blown rage monster. The only was I can describe it is Taz from lonely toons.

Just the simplest of tasks like “can you just sit for 5 mins?” Or “can you tidy up before dinner please?” Just seems to turn a switch in his head and becomes back chatty and (my personal favourite) no energy…well then maybe mummy and daddy don’t have the energy to make you dinner….how about that giving the kid in my head the finger…

His emotions all over the shop having meltdowns because his pad isn’t doing what he wants or can’t play something right, but it seems to be the answering back that gets me and Megan angry because it’s sarcastic and sometimes funny but other times just glare at him with that stare that all parents have. You don’t have to say anything just stare and it seems to be done very quickly…my parents had it…but I don’t think you are ever taught it, it’s just gained in the experience of being a parent…

When we ask for him to tidy up though he replies “I don’t want to” and I have on MANY occasions resulted to getting a bin sack and proceeding to put his toys in there until he rushes to put them away…harsh parenting? Maybe but he has to learn that it doesn’t always happen or get your own way…

Until next time…

The Hairy Father
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A bearded father of 2 boys, giving you the insight of day to day life of parenthood from a dads perspective...with funny and WTF gives you the aspect of parenthood isnt all that and it comes with challenges...but its rewarding...
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