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by Bethany Collings

The Sainsburys Obsession - Pink Bunny Gilet

Hello to my beautiful BBY family!

Have you seen this gilet? No? I’m not surprised!

This gilet from Sainsburys has been flying off the racks since the day it has been released. Everyone loves it from the pink fluffiness to the big floppy ears!

I couldn’t get one anywhere in a 20 mile radius, thankfully a darling lady on our gorgeous group (join us here) was able to post me one and ever since, a trend has started on Bump, Baby and You Facebook group!

The sizes start at 9 months to 5 years old and is perfect for every season. I got a size 1 – 1.5, but my daughter is only 6 months old. When she wears it, it’s like a really cute, oversized little jumper. But when the hood is up, it drowns her and all you can see pink fluff ball with big floppy ears, who’s cheeky smile you see occasionally! A lot of other women have also taken to doing the same idea as myself.

sainsburys bunny gilet

My daughter Phoebe

We even have a soon to be mummy who has bought their unborn baby their very own bunny gilet for them in fear that they won’t be around for long. This is just how popular they are!

sainsburys bunny gilet

Our Facebook group has gone mad for it, we are lucky enough to have a handful of members actually go out of their way to physically buy whatever stock their local stores have and post them to women in search of this glorious little pieces. Such a bunch of selfless and amazing mummies!

Below we have all the gorgeous cherubs who have been sent in by thankful and loved up mummies who just need everyone to share their cuteness!

sainsburys bunny gilet
Lexi, 10 months in 1 – 1/2 years – Thank you Steff Louise

sainsburys bunny gilet

Abi, 4 months in 9-12mnths – Thank you Anna Simpson

Sainsburys Bunny Gilet

Emily, 9 months in 1 – 1/2yrs – Thank you Emma Pettigrew

Sainsburys Bunny Gilet

Phoebe, 7 months in 9-12mnths – Thank you Francesca Riley

Sainsburys Bunny Gilet
Millie, 8 months in 1.5- 2 years old – Leigh Mc Intyre

Sainsburys Bunny Gilet

Ava-Louise, 1 years old in a 2-3yo – Thank you Michelle Parkins

And for the final one, the beautiful Ann Purkis who is 32 weeks pregnant.

Sainsburys Bunny Gilet

So all in all, if you see this then I would get one as soon as you can. Or try selling it, I’m sure you’ll have people leaping for the chance.

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