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by Abbey Linfoot

The Things You Forget About Newborns

I have a newborn again, and I am absolutely loving it!

There is so so much I had forgotten from my newborn days with my first baby, so I just thought I would jot a few things down so I can look back and remember everything when my second baby is no longer quite so “new”…

#1 – How Very Tiny They Are

So so tiny you feel they may break. From tiny tiny finger nails, to perfect little ears, the most beautifully formed little lips, to the smallest little bum bums. Impossibly small, impossibly perfect!

#2 – How Very Strong They Are

Despite being tiny, my gosh they are strong. And determined! “What do you mean I’m only 2 hours old? I’ll lift my head and look around if I want!” – and so it goes! You feel they may break, but if they made it down the birth canal in one piece, I’m pretty sure they can take on much of the world!

#3 – How Quiet They Are

Quiet compared to a toddler at least. They are the perfect piece of peace among the storm.

#4 – Also How Noisy They Are

Oh my, do these little beings have lungs if they want to use them! And it’s not just the shouting that makes them noisy – newborns are absolutely not afraid to pass gas (loudly…from both ends) while in polite company. And so cute too!

#5 – The Beautiful Sounds They Make

So beautiful and so easy to forget as they grow. Newborn sounds range from gorgeous little squeaks, muffles and groans, to their sweet little breathes and lip smacks when hungry. The suckling and comfort noises when nursing may be the most gorgeous of them all.

#6 – How They Tire Themselves Feeding

Raise them up for a little burp and they’ll pant like they’ve run a baby marathon! It can be pretty tiring eating a big meal I suppose…these babes mean serious mealtime business!

#7 – Drunk Milk Face

You know the face! Possibly the best expression I have ever ever seen. Period!

#8 – How Lethal Their Nails Are

Like a tiny vicious T-Rex scratching your tit! Not good! The fear of cutting them is even worse though!

#9 – How Terrifying The Umbilical Plug Is

So fragile, so bleedy, so unavoidably placed. So glad when it drops off!

#10 – The Head Gap

Why, just why? Way too much exposed brain for my liking…

#11 – The Crazed Milk Face

That milk frenzy when boob is near! They root, they squawk, they get this look of milk insanity in their eyes until fully satiated with the good stuff!

#12 – The Bright Yellow Poopies

Actually incredibly cute compared to a toddler nappy…yellow mustard seed! Don’t be fooled though…it stains sofas!

#13 – How Much They Poopie

It honestly feels like every 30 minutes right now! And with velocity!

#14 – Their Windy Smiles

Not technically “real” smiles, but they look so very similar! Take the wins where you can!

#15 – The Intensity Of Their Gaze

It’s like they’re examining your very soul when they stare intently at you! “Hey, I’m your Mama, little tiny wise old-looking young person!”

#16 – The Startle Reflex

All is calm, and then SUDDENLY the arms spring out in shock. So dramatic, love it!

#17 – The Newborn Smell

If only you could bottle that scent and keep it, right?!

#18 – How Soft Their Skin Is

Just beautiful, smooth and perfect! Toddlers feel like sandpaper in comparison!

#19 – How, Despite The Fact They Resemble A Small Angry Version Of ET, You Think They’re The Most Beautiful Thing You Have Ever Seen!

Because they are. Period!

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