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by Paige Loaring

Tips To Help Settle an Energetic Toddler

Go outdoors/do an activity

Before or after dinner, why not go for a walk, or play a game outside or inside if the weather is bad? getting them to play and burn their energy will help closer to bed time ans they wont have all this built up energy. we love to play a game after dinner or play in the garden before. sometimes we take the dog for a walk around the block or to our nearby field to let them both have a run about!


Create a calm environment

Creating a calm environment before bed when your child is full of energy or finding it difficult to wind down for the night is perfect, dim the lights or turn them off and just leave a lamp or night light on to show that its night time and bed time is approaching.put some calming music on and try and get them to sit quietly, maybe do a calming activity or read/draw to calm and relax them.

Have a bath

Having a bath before bed is definitely relaxing, and is a start to creating a calm setting. giving your child a nice warm bath before bed and after they have played will definitely help to settle them. A little hack that I have seen recently is adding glow sticks into the bath tub!



Massage them/feet

When your toddler gets out the bath massage their body and/or their feet with oil or lotion.. our choice is usually Child’s Farm or Coconut Oil. Doing this when they get out the bath will help to keep them relaxed and settled. Why not try doing it with the lights dimmed to keep the setting calm and relaxing.

Read books

Reading a book before bed makes your child know their routine of after the book is read its time for bed. Reading a book before bed helps add to the calm setting and helps them to unwind and settle down for the night.

Cosy cuddles

Lastly cosy cuddles before settling down for the night is perfect because firstly is there anything better than cuddles especially with your child and more than likely your child will love to have sleepy snuggles, it helps them feel close to you and feel secure to know that you are there. Cuddles also make you feel a little sleepy.


Written by Paige Loaring for her blog, Paige and Little.

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Im Paige and Im a first time mummy to a fun loving, adventure seeking toddler. Blogging about everything from motherhood to lifestyle to home and fashion including our life adventures. As well as strong advocate of mums and women supporting each other!
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