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by Yvette Embleton

Try These Fabulous Festive Hairstyles!

Want to take the festive feels to the next level? Try one of these fabulous festive hairstyles.


If you or your little one have long hair, why not give one of these festive hairstyles a go? We’ve found some easy tutorials to follow and the products you’ll need to bring them to life. We’ve even popped together a few amazing ideas to help your little one stay still while you play with their hair.

Festive Hairstyles
The Christmas Tree Braid

This has been dubbed as ‘the easiest Christmas Tree Braid ever’ by its creator Hair By Lori and after having a watch it really does look doable.


Christmas Tree Pull Through Braid

Babes in Hairland have created a wonderful Christmas Tree effect. This one is also quite easy to achieve but you’ll definitely want a practice run before you unveil your masterpiece. We’re loving the homemade grips on this one!


Snowflake Hairstyle

Now make sure you have plenty of little elastic bands ready to create this lovely Snowflake style from Princess Hairstyles. We were a little intimidated when we first saw this one but it really isn’t as hard as it may first seem.


Hairstyling Essentials

If you’re going to try your hand at creating some of these festive hairstyles, then you may find these two items very useful.

250 Pack Clear Neoprene Bands Rubber Hair Bands

* Credit: Pritties Accessories

Get yours here*

ghd Tail Comb

* Credit: LookFantastic

Get yours here*

Easy Festive Alternatives

If you’re looking for an easier way to ramp up the festive vibes, why not treat yourself or your little one to some of these gorgeous Christmas hair pieces.

Reindeer Ear Hair Clips – Brown, 2 Pack

* Credit: Claire’s

Get yours here*

Festive Headbands


* Credit: Claire’s

Get your Plush Penguin Headband here*

Get your Santa Hat Headband – Red here*

Get your Christmas Tree Headband – Green here*

Get your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Clarice Headband here*


Helping them sit still!

It’s all well and good wanting to do the little one’s hair in a festive style but you need them to sit still long enough for you to work your magic. Here are some ideas for keeping them occupied.


Let them do their dolls hear!

Role Play is a huge part of little one’s development – let them copy you and create their own hair styles while they sit still for you.

* Credit: Hamleys

Get yours here*

Let them play with a Travel Set

Most things with ‘travel’ in the title are designed to entertain little ones when they can’t move around- perfect for when you’re doing their hair.

* Credit: The Range

Get your Children’s Travel Colouring Set here*

Get your Jurassic World Activity Sticker Tube here*

Get your Despicable Me 3 Activity Sticker Tube here*

Enjoy some reading time together!

Use the time together to enjoy a book! You can read their favourite story or even let them play with something like this.

Paw Patrol Junior Me Reader

* Credit: Argos

Get yours here*

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