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by Joanne Allen

'Twas The Night Before Christmas.... Alternative Version

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,

Children were screaming at the top of their voice.

It’s way past bedtime and the kids are still crazy,

They should be asleep but seem fresh as a daisy.

Mummy wonders why she’s never more organised,

I mean Christmas comes once a year, it’s hardly a surprise!

Daddy just wants to put up his feet,

But apparently it’s not on the to-

do sheet!

There’s sellotape stuck everywhere,

The baby even has some attached to her hair!

The dog senses there’s something exciting,

And runs laps of the house as fast as lightning!

There’s enough food in the house to feed a small town,

Yet somehow in two days we’ll have wolfed it all down!

Mummy is searching every nook and cranny,

For the presents she put in a ‘safe place’ for grandad and granny.

Eventually the kids on Santa watch admit defeat,

As one by one they drift off to sleep.

Thankfully it’s time to say goodbye to the elf on the shelf,

And get ready for a visit from the big man himself!

It’s the early hours before the parents make it to bed,

And are fast asleep before they lay down their head.

Daddy barely has time to start his snoring,

Before the kids are awake shouting and roaring!

It’s so much madness for just one day,

But truth be told we’d have it no other way.

Because at the end of the day what makes it all worthwhile,

Is your kids happy shrieks and contented smile.



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