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Useful Tips on Becoming The Perfect Parent For Your Baby

by Rachel Gregory

Useful Tips on Becoming The Perfect Parent For Your Baby

Hey guys.

Today’s post is written for you in mind, the pregnant woman, the first time mum lacking confidence, or even you, the mum of 3 who still feels to this day you are failing your children in some form or other.

After extensive amounts of research from different sources, I have just the answer for you! I have collated a few tips for you to help you on your way through motherhood:

  1. Give it your best shot of labour and childbirth without pain relief.
  2. Breastfeed your baby right from birth onwards.
  3. Use cloth nappies made from organic material to prevent irritation for your baby.
  4. Soothe your baby to sleep using the sound of your voice. It’s the most natural way and pacifiers are man made.
  5. Do not co sleep. This is dangerous and creates very bad habits.
  6. Do not use the cry it out method, this has detrimental effects on your babies brain development.
  7. Stay close to your baby at every opportunity, or risk the development insecurity, lack of empathy, and, in extreme cases, anger and attachment disorders.
  8. Always swaddle your baby.
  9. It’s dangerous to swaddle your baby.
  10. Feed your child home grown home made grass fed organic produce with no pesticides or chemicals.
  11. Dress your baby/child only in organic fabrics. Man made fabrics harbour harsh chemicals.
  12. Did I mention breastfeed? I hope you’re still breast feeding? All the way up until your child is 2.
  13. Make sure you wash your baby in chemical free baby wash, like extra virgin coconut water, fresh from the island of Fiji.
  14. No TV. bad. BAD!
  15. No shouting, it’s negative reinforcement and hinders development of good manners.
  16. Keep your house clean from dirt.
  17. Grow a second pair of eyes in the back of your head, you will need these down the line.
  18. Finally, evolve into a unicorn and poop rainbows for all of parenting eternity.

So at this point I’m really hoping everyone has read to the end of the points and realises I’m being a little sarcastic, or else I’ll be expecting some abusive messages to follow in the comments section.

The reason I have initially done this is to prove that evidently there is no ONE perfect. What IS perfect and WHO determines it? Who wants to be perfect anyway? Well let me tell you how I define perfect.

You have a baby. A small human. Some of these little humans are adopted, fostered, formed from long hard bouts of attempting IVF. Some of these humans where not planned and some where. Some had more chromosomes than others and some will have speech and learning impediments. Some are birthed naturally and some are surgically taken out. Breastfed children may still have a low IQ and formula fed children can still become successful business entrepreneurs at the tender age of 20. Some live until they are 90 and some sadly grow beautiful angel wings before their due date even arrives.

I want to say to all you mums, whatever situation you are in, you may not feel it but you are your very own version of ‘perfect’. Trust me this time.

To the mums that where never able to breastfeed but wanted to, or your baby cries all night long. As long as your baby is FED, changed and developing, you’re doing a good job.

To the mums that feel guilt for going back to work, for leaving your baby with someone else. You still care, you still love them, you are doing a good job.

To the mums, like me, this week in fact, feeling down because your child is sick and unwell and you just want to take away the pain for them. Again, not your fault. Bugs are everywhere and these little monkeys pick everything up. Your doing a good job.

To the mums struggling through post natal depression. By god, it is NOT your fault. Talk to someone and reach out for help, it will always be there and there is answers for you. You are doing a good job.

To the mums using tv as a distraction so she can finally eat some breakfast at 11.50am in peace. Eat and enjoy, you’re STILL doing a good job.

To the mums sat at the bedside of their child that has a further life expectancy of 6 months due to horrible unforeseen circumstances, ailments, diseases. You did not do this, and the feelings you are enduring. Maybe guilt, maybe even anger, happiness for your child, depression, I don’t know. But you’re doing a great job supporting your brave little human and being by their side.

To the many mums that outlive their babies and children, and live in guilt but carry on their legacy as a constant reminder of the amazing little human they created and developed. Whatever the scenario is. Do not feel guilt. You are the proud mother of one of god’s angels, you will see them again and you are too doing an amazing job.

So just remember ladies, there is no one way of  being a perfect mum, but a million ways to be a good one. We put too much pressure on ourselves to create this idealist impression of perfect when in the eyes of our babies and children, that’s just what we are.

So hey, love yourselves as much as your little humans love you.

Much love

Rach and Noah xox

Written by Rachel Gregory for her blog, Rach and Noah.

You can follow her on Facebook!


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