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Weaning Baby A

by Jemma Jargom

This time around (third time) 6 months has come around so fast I had almost forgotten about weaning, it seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute she was 3 months old and now we are embarking on weaning again.

Thankfully I feel much more relaxed about it this time. Certainly the first time I was so overwhelmed with the whole process, every part of it I felt out of my depth. Second time around I felt a bit more confident about it, you can read about that in Weaning Time Already?

A weaning 2 (1)

As I did with the other 2 I have started with single veggies, I’m doing these all myself, its cheaper and I just like to know that its done the way I want. I tried using ready made stuff with H, he didn’t like it, so I never bothered doing it with M.

Remember to do whatever works for you and your baby.

I’m starting with purees as I did with the other 2 and I’m using carrots, peas, sweet potatoes first. As I say the weaning crept up on me and this was all I had to hand to pre cook and batch freeze.

All I’m doing at the moment is cooking these up individually and then blending to a smoother consistency, I will then separate into little pots and freeze them all once cooled down. Then I just take out what I want from the freezer and warm back up, each of these little pots is 2 helpings.

Top Tip – If you are making the food yourself, batch cooking and freezing has been a life saver. It saves so much time and means you always have something to give your baby when your feeding.

A weaning 2 (2)

I’ve decided to spoon feed to start with just to see how she takes to the whole process, and then as time progresses I may well decide to add finger foods. But this is not set in stone I will judge as I go and just go with what I feel she wants. I have been giving her the same veggies for a couple of days before introducing a new one, to give her a chance to get to know the flavour before swapping it.

So far its going ok, I wouldn’t say she is taking to it as easily as M. With M I think if you had offered her a full meal right from the start she probably would have eaten it, she loved food right from the start. She mastered the spoon within one sitting.

A on the other hand hasn’t quite mastered the spoon yet, I don’t think she is that fussed with it. Don’t get me wrong she quite likes sitting in the high chair with the rest of us, I just don’t think she is overly bothered with food right now. So this is definitely going to be baby steps this time.

Much as I have done with pretty much every aspect of parenting so far I’m just winging it and seeing how things go.

Jemma x

Written by Jemma Jargom for her blog, All Things Jargom.

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