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When a ‘Relaxing’ Tea Turns To Chaos…

by 30plusandstillclueless

I decided to do something fun tonight even though I’m absolutely tired out after another week of juggling work, the kids and general life.

Charlie finished nursery yesterday for the 6 week holidays (joy!) and he starts school nursery in September. To celebrate, I decided to do a picnic tea with treats, although typically as usual, it’s raining cats and dogs so we had to have it in the living room. After being mithered 27 times “when will it be ready?”

I brought the food out and sat down on the floor ready for a chilled out and relaxing tea. What followed next can only be described as pure chaos. Jorgie decided she didn’t want to sit down so proceeded to wander round for the next half an hour after grabbing various items of food to take with her. Somehow, approximately only 2% actually went in her mouth whilst the rest ended up round her mouth, in her eyebrows and hair and on the carpet.

She also created a treasure trail of crumbs as she squished all her food in her hands whilst trotting round. Meanwhile I had to bribe the dog with an undisclosed number of chewy bones to stop her stealing all of the food which I’m sure has raised her blood sugar to a life threatening level (she’s diabetic).

I then noticed that Charlie hadn’t eaten any savoury items (pizza, chilli or wraps) but instead had eaten his entire body weight in chocolate stars. I’m sure this will put us in an advantageous position when we try and get him to bed in a few hours.

I glance across at Jorgie who has now decided to take the spreading of food to another level, whilst trampling across all the plates so that she has chilli and wraps stuck on the soles of her feet ready to spread around the carpet. Kyle looks at me and I can see his anxiety levels going through the roof. When he moans about how bad an idea this is I snap “this is for the kids not you. It’s fun” although I am questioning in my head who is having said fun as its certainly not me.

With the dog comatosed in the corner and the living room looking like an apocalypse has hit, I can visually see Kyle’s anxiety levels drop when he finally reaches for the hoover, something he has been desperate to do since we sat down. Jorgie decides to help and that’s when Kyle asks what the hell has happened to her hair.

I casually reply “Charlie glued it to her head today when my mum wasn’t looking”. And on that note I think we need to go and give Jorgie a bath and pray that it comes out.

Written by Nicola Higginson for her blog, 30 Plus and Still Clueless. You can follow her on Facebook here!


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