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Why I Love Being a Young Mum

by Paige Loaring

I was 22 when I became a mum which is considered a ‘young mum’. We had discussed having a child so yes it was a planned decision.

We had been together for over two years, living together and were stable financially. I had always dreamed of becoming s mum from an early age but have an extreme fear of vomit which caused me to think I would never be able to become a mum, the morning sickness, the labour, child sick. But here I am. I still have an phobia of being sick myself but when you become a mum and your child is unwell it is just second nature to be there for them and it doesn’t become a second thought. My son is my world and I would do anything for him.

Being a young mum is definitely a debated topic, there can be come negativity around it but I personally think age has nothing to do with how good of s mother you are or will be you can be an amazing mother at any age. Additionally to this the question I got asked when people found out I was pregnant and I feel so many other people get asked was whether it was planned I hate this question SO much. Not only do I think it’s extremely rude it’s a personal question to ask and none of your business.

So many people say to make sure you are ready to be a parent and I feel I was as ready as I could be but the truth is, is there ever a definite right time? Whenever you feel you are ready then you should do it because if not then there will always be something to put you off. I knew I wanted to be a young mum. I was 11 when my youngest brother was born so I was able to watch him grow up and always helped out growing up and loved releasing my inner child (which I still do). I’ve never been a party animal and I’m not a big drinker so I do t feel like I’m missing out on life, we get to adventure and do things together as a family, I have explored so many new places and adventures since becoming a parent. We’ve created new family traditions.

Becoming a mum was honestly the best thing to happen to me. I feel like I have so much more purpose in my life it makes me strive to do better, to be better and to have better. Becoming a mum has also made me become a much stronger person.. For myself and for my child. I’m still finding myself as a person but without a doubt becoming a mum has improved that and is definitely helping me to do that! I know for some people it can be the opposite and they feel like they lose themselves but for me it’s helped me to learn so much about myself. Yes I don’t have as much time for myself but I’ve discovered things about myself and found strengths I never knew I had.

Since I became a parent I feel like we have explored so many new places around us like I have already said, we feel it is important to get out and about is is one of Louie’s favourite things to be outside, he would be outside ALL day if he could and because we are still young ourselves we have the energy(eh debatable) to play and keep up with him. I feel being w young parent doesn’t stop opportunities it heightens and brings along new ones. We’ve created so many new traditions like pumpkin picking, apple foraging, strawberry picking, caravan holidays etc.

Another thing I absolutely love about being a young parent is that my parents are still young enough to do things and okay with my son and make the most of him being young and adventurous. As well as that it means my grandparents are still around to make memories with him and that is one of the biggest things that means so much to me as I have so many amazing and treasured memories with my grandparents and I’m over the moon Louie gets to meet them and experience them in his life although they aren’t able enough to do the things they did with us but they are still around to spend precious time with him.

I haven’t had to choose between a career and being a mum. I’m lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mum for the first few years to take care of my child while I establish what I want from a career and I will be able to do that while being a mum which is amazing!

I love being a young mum because it means I get to have the chance to still live some of my childhood, we get to watch films and Disney movies together, the ones I used to watch when I was younger. Making dens, playing pretend, picnics, teddy bear tea parties, the list could go on forever.. I’m still young enough to remember quite clearly what it’s like to be a child and as the teenage years approach I hope I will be able be there and understand what it’s like.

I get to spend those extra years living and enjoying life with my child. Time with your children is so precious so I try to make the most of the moments and cherish each day as I know how fast time flies and the years pass before us and I will forever hold the moments and memories. In conclusion to this post motherhood/parenthood is both great and difficult no matter what age you decide to have a baby, there will be hard times no matter what and an age doesn’t define a good mum.

What do you love about being a mum? ‘Young’ or not?

Written by Paige Loaring for her blog, Paige and Little.

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