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by Shelley Whittaker

Why You Should Travel With Kids

I’m a strong believer that is is important to travel with kids.  Why, I hear you ask?  With all the extra organisation, costs, luggage and restrictions associated with travelling with your kids, surely its easier to stay at home?  Well, some of my favorite memories as a mother have been my daughter’s first birthday in Budapest or our family holiday to St Maarten in the Caribbean.  Personally I think it is important to travel to experience a different way of life and to open up your children’s minds to new things. Escape the daily routine, forget about the chores and learn to appreciate what you have at home.  It also plays a part in character building, establishing resilience and being confident in new environments. Not to mention the precious time together as a family creating memories.

Travel does not have to mean a trip to a far flung exotic destination or staying at a luxe resort. It might mean camping an hour from home, visiting family, your annual trip to a holiday home or even a day trip to a big city.  Recently, I took the opportunity to speak with 6 fellow family travel bloggers about what family travel means to them and why they think it is important to travel with kids.

Disneyland Paris, France


Traveling with kids might seem like a pain, and a waste of money.  However, in my experience, traveling with kids has taught me to slow down, to appreciate where I am in a completely different way, and to see things from their perspective, which is usually a perspective that we may not have even realized we were missing.

Will they remember everything? Probably not.  Will I? Yes!  Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

As a family of 5 we don’t get to do the type of long haul adventures to exotic destinations that we would like to, but we make the most of the things closer-to-home.  The kids seem to love road trips and trips to local attractions just as much!

To read more of Carly’s adventures, head to –

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii


Although lack of money has prevented us from travelling abroad, we have always found ways to travel here in the UK. I believe travelling with your kids is an essential part of their development. There is no more powerful way to learn than through experiences, right down to changing the way you get from A to B. Whether you decide to catch the bus even though the car is on the driveway, or get the train instead of your usual mode of transport.
They say variety is the spice of life and when it comes to travel I completely agree.

As adults it’s easy to forget how we got somewhere as we focus on the destination.  However, if you put yourself in the shoes of your children who’s minds are constantly forming new opinions from new experiences,the journey might just be more exciting than the destination. I believe travelling with your children also helps to desensitize them of the fear of the unknown and open their eyes to the world beyond their four walls. That’s not to say that the logistics of travelling with children aren’t challenging!

To read more of Sarah’s adventures, head to –

Porto, Portugal


I solo travel with my four kids every 3 months and if we don’t do this we all feel exhausted and irritated. We love traveling.
This is a time to be free, wild, lazy, play.

Watch endless movies, do so much of just nothing, see new things and experience life beyond the normal boarders. It’s so important for us to go into this place of rest. A different mode. Two gears down to prepare us for the next three months. Recharge. Find our happy. Connect. Laugh. Talk. Not just for them but for me as a mom. I need this. It’s one way of slowing time in a crazy busy world.

To read more of Marishka’s adventures, head to –

Times Square, New York


Travelling with children gives you the chance to experience the world from a different viewpoint. When you are travelling with kids, you can’t go at a hundred miles an hour as they won’t be able to handle a fast pace. So, it forces you to slow down and really take things in and experience things from their point of view. It gives you a chance to connect with them on their level too.
Travel with kids also allows you the chance to visit places you would normally overlook as an adult such as aquariums, zoos, children’s museums etc. as you need to keep them in mind when doing activities.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t visit these places as an adult, but they wouldn’t be top of your list. You are forced to find the fun in places and attractions, so they don’t get bored and let you know about it. And believe me, they will let you know about it. Travelling with children can also open your eyes to the fact that language doesn’t have to be a barrier. Have you ever watched two children from different countries play together, despite neither of them speaking the other’s language? We can learn a thing or two from them.

To read more of Cath’s adventures, head to –

Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Travelling with children is important for so many reasons. It allows children to experience and learn new things, whilst at the same time creating an opportunity for family bonding and creating memories. Whilst children might not remember the usual day-to-day activities at home, they do really remember holidays and doing something out of the ordinary. It’s a chance for them to become educated on more topics as they learn about the places they visit. They also become more knowledgeable in how to do certain things, such as putting up a tent or travelling on a train.

They get to see first-hand that there are different cultures and ways of life which should hopefully make them more open-minded and respectful of others as they grow.

It’s also a massive confidence booster as they learn to cope in an environment outside of their comfort zone, to interact with people they are not familiar with and to have to socialise to make new friends.

To read more of Victoria’s adventures, head to –

York Minster, England


When Minime and I travel, it gives us the opportunity to spend quality uninterrupted time together. We get the chance to enjoy new experiences and go and explore. Minime always picks one trip and I pick another.  One day we might be visiting a desert island and the next zooming across the countryside on a dune buggy.
I always give myself work free days when on holiday and it’s nice to have electronic free time and make the most of some downtime.

Minime enjoys the whole experience of going on holiday, from the minute we leave the front door until we return.  He gets super excited on the place and we like to make a wish list on the flight and tick things off during our stay. It is important to travel with children, not only to relax but expand their minds and enjoy new experiences and new cultures.

To read more of Sarah’s adventures, head to –

What do you think?  Has this ignited your family wanderlust and inspired you to travel with kids?  You have heard from the experts themselves as to why it is so important and the benefits you and your children can gain.  I would love to know whether you agree with their opinions and if you travel with your kids? Personally I say get out the, explore the world, and live your life to the fullest.  Safe travels – Shell x

Written by Shelley Whittaker for her blog, Wander & Luxe.

Follow her on PinterestInstagram and Twitter.

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