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Family is at the heart of everything Matalan does and since 1985 the brand has been dressing Brits and furnishing their homes with quality products.

Affordability is a huge driving factor in this label’s ethos too; whether you’re purchasing Matalan clothes or Matalan homeware you can rest assured that you’re not only buying quality items but you’re also not breaking the bank. Even in the midst of the cost of living crisis Matalan’s price point remains fantastic and it is this factor that keeps customers flocking to Matalan stores and Matalan’s website.

Matalan Clothing:

Shopping for hubby, wife, kids, aunties, uncles, grandparents? Whatever the rhyme or reason, Matalan is inclusive and has fashion for everyone. We don’t know about you but we particularly love Matalan’s pyjamas range, especially at Christmas time. You can always rely on the brand to have the best, budget-friendly matching family Christmas pyjamas around. We also love Matalan’s footwear selection - if you’re ever facing a last-minute heel dilemma pop along to your nearest store, a saving grace shoe is only a car ride away!

Matalan Homeware:

The ‘all under one roof’ offering at Matalan means that you can tick off pretty much everything on your shopping list all at once. The label’s homeware range is seriously superb. From larger items like chest of drawers and side tables, to smaller stuff like bathroom accessories and miscellaneous items such as suitcases, you’ll stumble across so much while shopping at Matalan and secure some hefty bargains while you’re at it.

4 Reasons to Shop at Matalan:

  • We can’t get enough of Matalan’s price point
  • Matalan supports NSPCC & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital charities
  • Find everything all under one roof at Matalan
  • Matalan discount code - [free standard delivery when you spend over £40 online]

Find Matalan discount code below...

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