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For the purest water for you and your family, ZeroWater are a brand we trust.

We were shocked to learn that good old tap water can actually contain a lot of 'dissolved solids', and some other types of water filters don't do a great job at removing them. Brita Filter, a brand many of you will have heard of, has a three-stage system, whilst ZeroWater has a more advanced Five-Stage Filtration System which promises to remove 'virtually all dissolved solids' - 99.6%, in fact!

Who are ZeroWater?

With British headquarters in Guildford, England, ZeroWater is a US brand dedicated to improving the health of families by promoting the importance of clean, contaminant-free water. Their British branch was established in 2018 and since then, their products have become increasingly popular amongst the British public and available in an increasing number of retail stores.

As parents ourselves, we're all too aware of the importance of hydration for health but did not realise how many contaminants may still exist within tap water; contaminated groundwater, old pipes, and a plethora of other factors can result in your tap water not being optimal for the health of you and your kids! This is where ZeroWater are working to make clean, pure water accessible and affordable for families everywhere.

What products do ZeroWater sell?

ZeroWater are best known for their water dispensing jugs and units with a five-stage filtration system to remove detrimental 'dissolved solids' such as arsenic, lead, asbestos and so much more. ZeroWater’s 5 Stage Ion Exchange Filter is in fact the ONLY pour-through water filter NSF certified to reduce dissolved solids such as lead and chromium. In addition to this, ZeroWater is also IAPMO certified; IAPMO marks of conformity are globally accepted by health organisations and represent the highest degree of compliance with water filtration manufacturing codes and standards.

ZeroWater say...

"Water filters contain technology that allows them to remove harmful contaminants. There are different types of filters you can purchase to clean the water in your home. Some filters attach to your faucet, a pitcher, or cups. Most filtration processes are 2-stage, where initially harmful particles and other substances are removed, and then the reverse omissions cycle begins. At home, removing unwanted substances in tap water is easy with a ZeroWater Pitcher or Dispenser. The ZeroWater filters in these devices implement a 5-stage filtration process. Our filters trap contaminants, particles, and much more, through various stages to remove up to 99.6% of total dissolved solids. These 3 added stages help to ensure tap water is pure and safe to drink.

Investing in a ZeroWater Filtration System gives you the confidence you need to have clean and safe drinking water right at home."

 ZeroWater sells bundles of their best-sellers, as well as floor-standing dispensers suitable for office spaces and gyms, as well steel water bottles available in different colours so that you can transport your fresh, filtered water in a way that will keep it fresh and free from contaminants.



What postage does ZeroWater offer?

ZeroWater offers free postage for all orders on their UK website and say that next working day delivery will be dispatched Monday to Friday on the day of order if the order is received by them before 3pm.

Are there any sales on at ZeroWater?

There's no specific sales on at ZeroWater currently but you can certainly grab yourself a bargain with their discounted bundles, which you can find here* under the shop heading.

Can I follow ZeroWater on social media?

You can follow ZeroWater on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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