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Mummy Tips – Halloween Craft Ideas!

by Bethany Collings

Are you looking to get down and spooky this Halloween, but don’t want to spend ££?

With October half term, what better way to relax than to watch your children have messy fun? Have a look at our guide, provided by the lovely members of our support group. 

Halloween is ONLY a week on Thursday, so get your decorations ready, up and treats in the bowl!

Sensory Bottles

Alicia said, ‘The top one is green clear PVA glue, with googlie eyes glued together. The bottom three are coloured water beads in water. I’ve made a few more too, pumpkin beads and glitter in glycerine, ghost confetti with glitter and loom bands in water, plastic spiders and clear PVA glue.”

Hand/Foot Paintings

Hannah said, ‘Franken-Foot and a bottle cap spider. You could also do a ghosts, spiders or another member posted ‘Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet’ which I found to be a great idea!’

Salt Dough

Salt dough can be played with like playdough, or can be crafted into keepsakes depending on how much water you chose to use. To make Salt Dough, all you need it a bowl, your hands, 500g of table salt & 250ml warm water. Once you are happy with the creation, whether a foot imprint, hand imprint or model – pop it into the oven 150c for an hour. Or you can leave it to air dry. Thanks to Alexis for this picture!


Thank you to Katie McNelly for these gorgeous, yummy bakes. Remember, teal colours this year are to symbolise allergies. What do you think about this idea? 

Make Your Own Trick Or Treat Bag

Paige suggested, ‘Make your own Halloween bag, you can buy the blank canvas bags from Hobby Craft for £1’. You can purchase paint brushes and paint together for just £5 here.

Messy Play

Thank you to Natalie Standen for providing us with these great ideas. You can use anything in your home to create a messy play experience. Even things from outside like leaves, pinecones and twigs can be mixed within to create a different feel for sensory play.

Light Up Toilet Tubes

Chantelle Tilly Carter commented, ‘Toilet roll tubes with spooky eye shapes cut out of them with fairy lights in them.’ Fantastic idea if you have loo roll waiting to be sent for recycling!”

Paper Lanterns 

Helen Bleasdale said, ‘My little boys ghost he made with just paper lantern, covered in glue and strips of tissue paper, eyes and mouth stuck on and a little battery bulb inside! He loves it.’

Share your ideas with us in the comments!

Love from Bethany & Team BBY. Xx


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