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Favourite Finds – For Little Trolls Fans!

by Kloe Forster

Have you got a little one who is OBSESSED with Trolls?

We have a feeling Trolls Fans are going to love these favourite finds we’ve put together!

So many amazing bits and bobs, from dress up costumes to gorgeous bedding for your little one’s room – there’s definitely something for every little Trolls fan out there.

Trolls Toothbrush 

Get the Poppy Trolls Toothbrush HERE*

Trolls Slipper Boots 

images: Tu Sainsbury’s*

Get the Trolls Slipper Boots HERE*

Trolls Christmas Crackers

Get the Christmas Crackers HERE*

Poppy Backpack

Get the Backpack HERE*

Poppy Costume 

Get the Poppy Costume HERE* 

Branch Costume

branch trolls costume

Get the Branch costume HERE*

Trolls Teepee

Get the Trolls Teepee HERE* 

Trolls Headphones

Get the Trolls Headphones HERE*

Trolls Boombox


Get the Trolls Boombox HERE*

Poppy Play-Doh

Get the Poppy Play Doh HERE*

Poppy Styling Head

trolls styling head

Get the Poppy Styling Head HERE*

Poppy Microphone

Trolls microphone

Get the Poppy Microphone HERE*

Trolls Guitar

trolls guitar

Get the Trolls Guitar HERE*

Grow Your Own Trolls Forest

trolls forest

Get the Grow Your Own Magical Trolls Forest HERE*

Poppy Swimming Costume

swimming costume

Get the Poppy Swimming Costume HERE*

Poppy Tu Tu 

Get the Poppy Tu Tu HERE*

Poppy Trainers 

poppy trolls trainers

Get the Poppy Trainers HERE*

Poppy Backpack

poppy backpack

Credit: Studio*

Get the Poppy Backpack HERE*

Trolls Monopoly

Get the Trolls Monopoly HERE* 

Poppy Poncho Towels 

poppy poncho towels

Get the reduced poncho towels HERE* 

Reversible Trolls Bedding

Get the reversible Trolls bedding REDUCED HERE*

Trolls Hair Clips

trolls hair clips

Get the Trolls Hair Clips HERE*

Poppy HairbrushTROLLS BRUSH

Get the Poppy Trolls Hair Brush HERE*

Get the Stick on Earrings HERE*

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