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Funny Pregnancy T-Shirts for Mammas-To-Be!

by Yvette Embleton

Does your pregnancy feel like it’s lasting forever? Why not have a giggle while you’re waiting and dress your beautiful bump in one of these hilarious t-shirts? Make sure you take lots of photos – we’d love to see them!


If you’ve been stompin’ around, getting ready to ‘roar’ at anything or anyone that crosses your path, this is the shirt for you. We are loving it, it’s actually really cute!

Credit: BeUniqueLtd*

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Expecting Patronum

Lovers of the wizarding world will adore this magical t-shirt – it’s perfect for a baby muggle announcement.

Credit: MercenaryTees*

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Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds

This is actually hilarious.

Credit: DanaFashionRoom*

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Throat Punch

At least if you have this t-shirt, you can say you offered a warning first – so funny!

Credit: PregnancyteesUS*

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You Can Stop Asking Now

This is perfect for those couples who constantly faced the dreaded question. Look at those feet – it’s super cute.

Credit: DanaFashionRoom*

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Winnie, I Smell a Child Shirt

With news of the second Hocus Pocus film recently announced – this is perfect for fans.

Credit: HelloHandPressed*

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It’s Not a Food Baby

Just in case you aren’t quite showing yet.

Credit: ShopatBash*

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Pregnant AF

This says it all really, doesn’t it?! Perhaps it’s NSFTW but it is fabulous for chillin’ in with friends.

Credit: MagnoliaRoseFinds*

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Beauty and the Bump

This would be lovely for the ultimate Beauty and the Beast fan. This shade of yellow is such a fab spring/summer colour too – gorgeous.

Credit: Eriallys*

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Eyeball Monster

We’re obsessed with this t-shirt. You could buy it in a larger size, take photos from the side, and, with a bit of editing, you could watch the eye get bigger and bigger. Love it!

Credit: Crazy Dog Tshirts*

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So there you have it, lots of funny pregnancy t-shirts for mammas-to-be. Which one of these is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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