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Our Top Minecraft Finds!

by Katie Hodgkins

Minecraft is as popular as ever, and we’re sure that this creative game will attract an even bigger legion of fans during the school closures!

Based on block structures, Minecraft is a great open-ended game that teaches construction, logic, geology, farming, and much more! You can play it in creative mode, giving you more safety from nasty characters like creepers, skeletons and zombies, or you can play it in survival mode and go up levels as you become more of an expert player. It’s great for children as it isn’t graphically violent or frightening, and it’s also really fun for adults to play in their downtime (myself included).

If you have a mini fan already, these top finds could make their time off school even more marvellous!

Minecraft Chicken Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

The perfect gift for lovers of Minecraft and boiled eggs!!

Find it here*

minecraft egg cup and toast cutter

Credit: Firebox*

The Official Minecraft Jokebook

Did you hear about the creeper’s birthday party? It really went off with a BANG!

Find this here*.

Image credit: Mojang

Diamond Armour Costume

You child can imitate their own player with this brilliant diamond armour costume! You can also get this in ‘Steve’ form and creeper form!

Find this here*.

Image credit: Minecraft

Diamond Pickaxe

Complete the costume in perfection with this foam version of Minecraft’s famous diamond pickaxe!

Find this here*.

Image credit: Minecraft

LEGO Mine Building Set

This LEGO version of the many mine shafts you can encounter in Minecraft looks so fun!

Find this here*.

Image credit: LEGO

Minecraft Square Bottle

Your little Minecraft fan (or yourself) could use this for a warm drink out in the garden, or at school when they’re open again.

Find this here*.

Image credit: Minecraft

Minecraft Uno

This Minecraft edition of the classic game ‘Uno’ is a great investment, it’s such a fun and simple game that all ages can get involved with!

Find this here*.

Image credit: Mattel

Minecraft Backpack 4 Piece Set

Perfect for when your child goes back to school, or perhaps to use for picnics in your back garden?

Find this here*.

Image credit: Minecraft

Minecraft The Tiaga Adventure Building LEGO Set

This smaller LEGO set promises hours of fun for a good price!

Find this here*.

Image credit: LEGO

There were so many more incredible Minecraft finds, but we couldn’t include them all – we hope that you love these.

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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