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Our Top Montessori-Inspired Toy Finds!

by Bump, Baby & You

If you’re on the lookout for open-ended, engaging toys for your little one, Montessori inspired toys could be right up your street.

We’ve been searching high and low for the very best toys for your little one this Christmas – there are so many beautiful finds to pick from, and there is something for children of all ages here too! We’ll be taking a look at what exactly Montessori is, and showcasing our top finds.

What are Montessori Inspired Toys?

Montessori inspired toys are playthings that fit in with the ‘Montessori approach’, which was created by Dr Maria Montessori. There isn’t such a thing as an actual Montessori toy as it isn’t a brand, just toys based on her philosophies and ‘manipulatives’ (read more below).

They should…

  • Encourage explorative, pragmatic play
  • Encourage resourcefulness
  • Be made from natural materials (most tend to be wooden but this isn’t explicitly the only material Montessori toys can be made out of)
  • Not include loud, distracting features like flashing lights, noise etc as these distract from imaginative open-ended play.
  • Be focused on one single focused skill/concept in different levels, but with different levels of challenge posed to the child (some toys that are labelled Montessori inspired may not necessarily fit this exactly, but if they meet all other prerequisites most parents would agree that the toy could be called Montessori inspired). Stacking blocks are a good example!
  • Be ‘natural’ and realistic – for example, animal and people figures need to be relatable to the real thing and not out of proportion!
  • Help a child participate in real life tasks; child sized tools like brooms, screwdrivers, play kitchens etc are great examples.
  • Be hands on and help teach the foundations to more abstract concepts (mathematics is one example).

Read more about the Montessori concept here.

The Benefits of Montessori Inspired Toys…

Montessori inspired toys are becoming more and more popular due to the benefits!

  • They’re not easily broken and last longer than most plastic toys!
  • They don’t contain toxic ingredients like many plastic toys do.
  • Montessori inspired toys tend to have different textures and be more appealing on a sensory level.
  • They also encourage open-ended, imaginative play as they require a child to experiment and create their own ‘story’ for the toy rather than being distracted by or restricted by flashy features.
  • They’re hands on; most children learn more effectively by ‘doing’. The building and crafting element of most Montessori inspired toys is great for coordination, motor skills, concentration and critical thinking.
  • They’re more environmentally friendly due to being made from natural materials, rather than plastic.

Read more here.

Montessori Inspired Toys For Babies

Here are our top finds for babies and smaller toddlers – these picks are all so attractive and dynamic without any bells & whistles (you’ll save a fortune on batteries)!


Find the Grimms 17cm Rainbow here*.

Find the Wooden Activity Walker With Brakes here*.

Find the Personalised Wooden Rattle here*.

Find the Handcrafted Rainbow Stacking Toy here*.


Find the Activity Arch here*.

Find the Wooden Stretchy Rattle Caterpillar here*.

Find the Le Toy Van Sensory Shapes here*.

Find the Wooden Rocking Horse here*.

Transport Themed Montessori Toys

Cars, planes, trains… If your wee one loves all things transport, here are some fab finds.

Find the Wooden Train Table here*.

Find the Personalised Wooden Garage here*.

Find the Handmade Wooden Helicopter & Aeroplane Bundle here*.

Find the Wooden Fire Truck here*.

Educational Montessori Inspired Toys

Why not use Montessori principles to teach your child their numbers and alphabet? Or perhaps help them to learn where their food comes from.

Find the Shape Sorting Teaching Clock here*.

Find the Wooden Number Chameleon Puzzle here*.

Find the Wooden Alphabet Puzzle here*.

Find the Plant and Pick Veggie Patch here*.

Montessori Inspired Imaginative Roleplay Toys

One big element of Montessori play is encouraging children to act out real life tasks – these roleplay toys are perfect!


Play kitchens are super popular at the moment; what about this gorgeous find and accessories?

Find the Wooden Salad Set here*.

Find the Large Wooden Kitchen & Trolley here*.

Find the My First Waffle Maker here*.

Find the Wooden Fruit Box here*.

Other Roleplay

You could set up your own roleplay village with these finds ; a post office in one room, a corner shop in another, a mechanics garage in the garden and a Doctor’s surgery in the bathroom! Invite your friend’s children over for a playdate and watch the magic happen.

Find the Postbox Playset here*.

Find the Role Play Shop here*.

Find the Personalised Wooden Tool Set here*.

Find the Le Toy Van Wooden Doctor Set here*.


These figures are bright, attractive and great for for evoking the imagination. The trees are absolutely gorgeous!

Find the Personalised Noah’s Ark here*.

Find the Small Wooden Dinosaur Set here*.

Find the Wooden Waldorf Style Toy Tree Set here*.

Find the 12 Large Rainbow Peg Dolls here*.

Montessori Inspired Puzzles

Get their little cogs turning with these hands-on puzzle activities!

Find the Personalised Wooden Blocks in a Box here*.

Find the Wooden Animal Nesting Dolls here*.

Find the Personalised Dinosaur 7-in-1 Activity Trunk here*.

Find the Personalised Princess Wooden Puzzle Set here*.

Active Montessori Inspired Toys

These larger toys require lots of movement, which is great for active children! The pikler is a top buy for children who love to keep moving but can’t go to the park when the weather is poor – just use it on a rug!

Find the Wooden Square Vegetable Patch Table here*.

Find the Wooden Balance Bike here*.

Find the Pikler Folding Climbing Triangle here*.

Find the Rainbow Rocker here*.

We hope that you’ve loved our finds as much as we do – happy shopping!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx


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