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Struggling To Get Nappies & Wipes? This Could Be a Game Changer…

by Bump, Baby & You

If you’re finding that your local shops are struggling to supply enough nappies and wipes, you’re not alone.

It can be really worrying if you’re not able to get hold of essentials for your baby, we know this firsthand. However, there are alternatives when it comes to nappies and wipes. Some people remain uncomfortable at the concept, but reusables honestly are one to consider!

Not only are they much better for the environment, but they mean that you’ll be able to be worry-free if you can’t find disposables. If you work out how much you spend on disposables and compare to the cost of a stash of reusables, you’ll also be saving money and may even be able to use them with future babies! A great long-term investment.

We’ll be taking a look at the best bundles, and how you can keep them clean in a way that is hygienic and convenient.

Our Favourite Reusable Nappy Bundles

Bambino Mio Bundle

This fabulous bundle comes with;

  • 8 x miosolo all-in-one nappies that fit babies from birth to potty training
  • 1 x nappy bucket
  • 2 x laundry bags
  • 50 x mioliners (nappy liners)
  • 300g x miofresh (nappy/laundry cleanser)
We love the colours and prints, too. They’re definitely a fun option!

Image credit: Bambino Mio

Find it here*.

Lictin Reusable Nappy Set

These funky prints are so fun and this set is really well rated! This set comes with;

  • 6 adjustable reusable nappies that fit babies from 3.6kg to 16.3kg
  • 6 bamboo inserts
  • 2 storage bags

Image credit: Lictin

Find this here*.

Littles & Bloomz Reusable Nappy Set

Another popular set, this would be a great investment. The set comes in different pattern selections and comes with 10 reusable nappies that fit babies from 3 to 15kg, but you’ll need to buy your own inserts. Charcoal and bamboo are popular options!

Image credit: Little & Bloomz

Find this here*.

This reusable liner pack could be handy…

A lot of nappy liners (not everyone who cloth bums chooses to use nappy liners) aren’t reusable or biodegradable so these are a great option. They protect the inside of reusable nappies from soiling and make it easier to dispose of poop.

Image credit: Bambino Mio

Find them here*.

Our Favourite Reusable Wipe Bundles

Reusable wipes could save you a lot of stress if you’re struggling to find baby wipes, and may even be a back-up for older children and adults in your household in the worst case scenario! With proper cleaning and storage, while it may be something to get used to, it’s actually fairly easy to do.

Little Gubbins Microfibre Wipes

Soft, colourful, and easy to clean – what’s not to love?

This set of 20 microfibre baby wipes come with a free laundry bag. Simply sip into lukewarm water, wipe, and wash – you could do a separate wash for them away from other laundry.

Image credit: Little Gubbins

Find them here*.

TotsBOts Reusable Wipes

This pack of 10 bamboo wipes is another great option. They’re made from natural materials, and are super soft. All you need to do is dip into lukewarm water, wipe, and then wash as usual!

Image credit: TotsBOts

Find them here*.

Cheeky Wipes

These come in a pack of 25, and are a very popular brand! They’re made from soft cotton flannel and we know a lot of parents who also use them themselves. All you need to do is dip them in lukewarm water, and wash them as usual, storing them in their own wash bag/basket with a lid until laundry time.

Image credit: Cheeky Wipes

Find them here*.

Reusable Cleaning & Care Tips

Some tips for anyone considering switching to reusables would be…

  • Always read the washing instructions
  • Make sure you have a separate bag/basket for reusable nappies and wipes needing a wash
  • You can pre-soak resuables in a storage bucket (with a lid) containing water before doing a laundry load – find out more here.
  • NEVER USE FABRIC CONDITIONER as this can affect the waterproofing of the fabric.
  • Only fill the machine 3/4 full of reusables, maximum.
  • Remember that whilst your washing will increase, it won’t be by much and the benefits outweigh any negatives.

This guide on washing and drying by The Nappy Lady is a really handy read.

Tell us in the comments; will you be investing in a stash of reusables?

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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