by Yvette Embleton

When it’s raining outside the days can feel so long, not just for you, but for your little one too! There’s nothing worse than having to scrap around for things to do. That’s where we come in! Here’s our ultimate rainy day guide to keep you and the little one entertained!


Our ‘Ultimate Rainy Day Guide’ is split into four sections:

  1. Things to do at home
  2. Things to do away from home
  3. Crafty ideas for a rainy day
  4. Easy recipes for you and the little one to make

If you’re looking for the rainy day essentials – check out our 2019 Rainy Day Clothing Inspiration!

Things to do at home

It’s best to break the day up in to small activities and be realistic with how long an activity will keep your little one entertained. Aim for one thing to last around 20 mins – any longer and you are onto a winner. Here are some ideas:


  1. Decorating paper plates
  2. Bake or help them make meals
  3. Build a Den
  4. Let them choose something to watch
  5. Watch the rain – spot what you can through the windows
  6. Read some books
  7. Get them involved in chores
  8. Make a treasure hunt
  9. Create an obstacle course
  10. Write a letter to a loved one and post it when the rain stops


TIP: Try combining a few ideas too. For example: build a den and then do activities inside.


Things to do away from home
  1. Take the bus – Under 5s are free!
  2. Go to your local library
  3. Visit Family
  4. Go puddle jumping or a walk
  5. Go to your indoor shopping centre
  6. Drive to the beach and picnic in the car
  7. Softplay or trampoline park
  8. Visit your nearest IKEA – You get to have a look around and the little ones can explore rooms. The kids bedroom section is set up for kiddies to play!
  9. Visit a Museum or Aquarium
  10. Arrange a playdate at someone else’s home

Craft ideas for a rainy day!
  1. Paint pictures
  2. Make things out of the recycling
  3. Paint Acorns or eggs- competition?
  4. Decorate shop bought biscuits
  5. Make your own pizzas
  6. Pop paint in a zip-lock bag and let little ones squish it
  7. Make a family hand print portrait.
  8.  Stickers / sticker books
  9.  Playdoh
  10. Building blocks

Easy recipes for you and the little one to make!


Recipe 1 – Refined Sugar Banana Muffins









You can find the recipe here!


Recipe 2 –  Mini Strawberry Puffs






You can find the recipe here!


If you have any ideas, it would be great if you could share them with us in the comments below. Also, we’d love to see some pics of you enjoying some of our ideas.


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