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Mum Problems

Little sh*t ruins mummy's morning by talking about maths before 7am

A 5 year old girl has caused her mother's morning to descend into what can only be described as a 'write off' by daring to ask a question before shes had a coffee.

Bianca White told us; "I closed my eyes and pretended to still be asleep but she wasn't born yesterday, she knew what I was trying to pull the second I started with the fake snoring..."

"She had the bare-faced AUDACITY to walk into the bedroom at that sodding time of the morning to ask me if I could help her finish the maths homework that I'd apparently promised to help her with last night and when I pretended to be asleep by snorting like a hog, she called me a freak! A FREAK! The cheek of her."

"At that point, I couldn't continue the facade any more. My morning coffee had been sat on the side, by the time the drama ended it was tepid and undrinkable. Completely ruined. I told the little bugger, "I love the bones of you child but if you don't shut up about long division at this time of morning I will chuck you in the bin!", it went right over her head and of course for the next hour I had to use my iPhone calculator to get this sodding maths homework done whilst she messed around on Youtube."

Parents everywhere have shared their top 5 morning ruining moments with us - can you relate to any on our list?

1. Kids breathed in the same room as me.

2. Tumble dried the school uniform and it shrunk three sizes.

3. Forgot to sort out homework the night before.

4. Dog vomited in school shoes, sneakily, and didn't realise until we were in the car about to leave.

5. Wifi went down, so Youtube app wasn't working - FULL BLOWN CHAOS.

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