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Our ‘Christmas Day’ Box Essentials…

by Bump, Baby & You

We’re sure you’ve all heard of Christmas Eve boxes, but what about making a ‘Christmas Day’ box?

In all the chaos and excitement of the Christmas rush, it’s very easy to forget the little things… The little things that may actually make a difference! If you’ve ever purchased a huge number of electronic toys that need batteries only to find your battery packs empty on Christmas Morning, you’re not alone, which is why we’re loving the idea of a ‘Christmas Day’ box.

As well as essential things for toys, it’s good to make sure you have things for minor health problems too, as the shops will be closed for the day.

Our Christmas Day Box essentials:

  • AA Batteries
  • AAA Batteries
  • A selection of small screwdrivers
  • A pair of scissors to cut cable ties
  • A few black bags to collect rubbish and recycling
  • A pair of plyers for toys that have particularly stubborn connections to packaging
  • Plasters
  • Calpol
  • Paracetomol
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Savlon
  • Glucose sweets if you have any diabetics in the family
  • Epipens if needed
  • Antihistamines

If you’ve done a Christmas Day box this year and would love us to show our followers, email in at [email protected] and we’ll happily showcase your savvy creation!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx


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