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The Most Annoying Children’s TV Shows

by Katie Hodgkins

Let’s face it, TV geared to children is rarely something that the adult brain can tolerate for long durations.

Designed to entertain and stimulate, it’s often wacky, loud, full of implausible (and ridiculous) plots and the music, sound effects and colours can prove to be just TOO much for most parents. Don’t even get us started on characters that may perceived to be a bad influence on our children…

If your child is just starting to show an interest in television, this is the read for you. Which shows (TV and Youtube) are best avoided at the behest of your sanity? We asked the parents in our online community

Which TV show for kids is the MOST annoying?!

Here’s the top 10… We’ll show you an episode of each, just for research purposes (and to make sure you recognise the theme tune and characters in time when the channel changes…).

It’s all very subjective and worth remembering that annoying shows might actually be the ones that give YOU a moments peace!

Number 10: Steve and Maggie

Number 9: Masha and The Bear

Number 8: Paw Patrol

Number 7: In The Night Garden

Number 6: Little Baby Bum

Number 5: Mr Tumble

Number 4: Ryan’s Toy Reviews

Number 3: Blippi

Number 2: Bing

Number 1: Peppa Pig (is this REALLY any surprise?!)

Do you agree or disagree with anything on our top 10 list? What would YOU add?

Tell us in the comments…

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx


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ALICIA 5th April 2020 - 8:26 pm

Pablo and small potatoes for me!


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