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The Most Common First Word

by Bump, Baby & You

If your little one is yet to start talking, you may be wondering what their first word will be.

One of the most fun predictions parents will make for their baby is what their first word will be! It can sometimes even become a tad competitive between mummy and daddy… I mean, it’s a HUGE honour to be a child’s very first word, right? There’s no greater ego boost!

We’ve asked the parents over in our online community what their little one’s first word was, and the results will certainly make the daddy in your life very happy – sorry, mummies!

The Top 5 Most Common First Words Were…

Dada – 49.5%

Mama – 30%

Hiya – 7.6%

Baba – 1.8%

No – 1.4%

The winner, by a long shot, was ‘dada’! But remember, it’s nothing personal.

But why, you may be wondering? If your little one spends more time with mummy this may be especially galling! There’s tonnes of research across all cultures showing that ‘dada’ is the most common first word for a baby. The research indicates that, at around the time a baby starts to talk, they don’t yet have the concept of mummy being a separate entity.

Daddy is very often the first person/object they identify outside of the ‘mummy and baby bubble’ hence why they often get the honour of being the first word! As their sense of self develops, mummy will then be seen as an individual to baby.

It makes a lot of sense and is pretty heart warming, when you think about it. We hope that it makes mummies everywhere feel a little better!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx



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