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Check Out The 'That's Not My...' Book Checklist!

We know how much our parent followers love the ‘That’s Not My…’ book range by Usborne. If you collect them for your kids, do you know if you have any missing?

That’s where this amazing checklist that Usborne have made comes in handy – you can save it on your phone and tick off each book using the photo edit option, or even print a copy out to stick on the front of the fridge. Ask your local Usborne rep for a copy!

Browse the ‘That’s Not My…’ collection here* if you have any titles missing from your shelves.

Remember to share this with your other parent friends who love to read these books to their little ones. Love from Katie & Team BBY!

Image credit: Usborne. Ask your rep for more info!

Image credit: Usborne. Ask your rep for more info!

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