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Experts Give Half Term Head Lice Warning

Experts have warned parents against complacency when it comes to half term and head lice!

We’ve all been there, or will at some point – childcare settings and schools are always on the lookout for cases of head lice and if you haven’t already, one day you’ll get the dreaded letter in their book bag.

However, as much as we’d hope otherwise, it isn’t just schools that are hotspots for the dreaded nits…

Experts have announced some other need-to-know locations where nits are rife to help educate parents during the half term holidays. School may be the number one culprit, but there are many other extra curricular locations and activities where it is pretty easy to get those nasty nits…

  • When taking selfies (according to Hedrin)
  • Sleepovers
  • Play dates
  • Play groups
  • Soft plays

I’m sure we could add loads more to this list… Let’s just agree that there are so many opportunities for your children to get head lice, even outside of school. Sigh.

Does this mean we should keep the kids under lock and key, though?

The answer to this is a resounding no way – we’d all go bonkers cooped up during the holidays and let’s face it, head lice are just an annoying fact of parent life! It is advised to continue regular checks, just like you would during term time. Lice expert Ian Burgess has told parenting site Netmums

“If you find live lice, firstly, don’t worry. Head lice are a normal part of life and there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

‘Research suggests lice have become resistant to traditional pesticide treatments, so pick a non-pesticide treatment which will work by smothering the lice and either stripping them of their waxy coating, causing them to dehydrate,  or disrupting their ability to manage water.

‘These physical modes of action mean there is theoretically no chance for the head lice to build up a resistance.

‘Try a treatment containing dimeticone or octanediol. If you’re unsure about treatment options, speak to your pharmacist.’

We hope that this has been useful information for you all! You can find more facts on the NHS website here.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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