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Have You Seen The New Frozen II Teaser...?

Well, it’s safe to say that I was very excited this morning when I saw the teaser for Frozen II!

Yeah, that’s right – Disney are producing a second Frozen film! It’ll be released THIS NOVEMBER – the exact dates are yet to be confirmed, and of course more trailers yet to come (the anticipation is just unreal)… I have so many questions, and I’m sure you & your kids will too!

  • What will the plot be? It looks slightly more serious than the first film.
  • Will there be musical ditties? I mean, nothing will EVER rival ‘Let it Go’, but it’d be interesting to see them try!
  • Is there any significance in there being less plaited hairstyles in the teaser (look closely and you’ll see some scenes where their hair is less styled – perhaps this is to signify them growing up)?
  • Will we get a back story to the lovely Kristoff? Where are his family? Does his adoption by trolls have any bearing in Scandinavian folk lore?

Of course, I’m sure some of you will be rolling your eyes in sheer exasperation at the prospect of ‘Frozen Fever’ kicking off yet again…

So for you Frozen haters, I send my commiserations, because you’re due another dose of an annoyingly catchy soundtrack no doubt! Get yourself some ear plugs, and maybe a few dozen bottles of wine.

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