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John Lewis Announces ‘Genderless’ Children’s Clothing

by Bump, Baby & You

John Lewis Announces ‘Genderless’ Children’s Clothing

John Lewis is facing backlash over their new ‘genderless’ clothing line for kids!

As the first large retailer to scrap gender labels for their own range clothing line (up to the age of 14), many have been quick to praise John Lewis for their support of gender differences and equality, and lauding the move as a step towards removing gender stereotypes.

The line is being labelled variably ‘boys & girls’ and ‘girls & boys’ rather than explicitly for boys or explicitly for girls. The website still has gender oriented clothing search options, which the retailer is also looking into removing.

HOWEVER, a large number of people are threatening to boycott John Lewis, claiming the move is ‘political correctness gone too far’, and that ‘kids should be allowed to be kids’.

An example of the new label – click image for source.

What do YOU think? A step forward with the times and a positive step towards removing gender stereotypes, or political correctness gone mad and a step too far?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, love from Katie. Xx


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