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Lidl Jaffa Cakes Recalled Due To Allergen Concerns!

Mummies of little ones with a milk allergy & penchant for Lidl jaffa cakes, you need to read this!

The Food Standards Agency have released this statement explaining what has happened;

“Lidl is recalling Sondey Orange Jaffa Cakes and Sondey Jaffa Minis, (Orange Assortment) because they contain milk which is not mentioned on the label. This means the products are a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents.” FSA

The packaging of the Sondey Jaffa Cakes affected by the recall

Which Batches Are Affected?

Item name: Sondey Orange Jaffa Cakes 300g

Best before dates affected by recall:

01 January 2019

01 February 2019

01 March 2019

01 April 2019

01 May 2019

01 June 2019

01 July 2019

01 August 2019

Product name: Sondey Jaffa Minis (Orange Assortment)

Pack size: 150g

Best before dates affected by recall:

01 July 2019

01 August 2019

01 November 2019

Oops! I’ve Purchased This… What Do I Do?

It goes without saying that anyone with a milk allergy or intolerance shouldn’t eat this. Take it back to your nearest Lidl and you’ll get a full refund of the product.

What Have Lidl Done To Take Action?

“Lidl is recalling the above products from customers and the relevant allergy support organisations have been contacted which will tell their members about the recall. The company has also issued a point-of-sale notice to its customers. These notices explain to customers why the products are being recalled and tell them what to do if they have bought the products.” FSA

So, mummies and daddies, rest assured that Lidl and the Food Standards Agency have taken the appropriate action to deal with this situation swiftly. These things happen from time to time, and the FSA will always issue an allergy warning notice when this happens to make consumers aware.

Love from Katie. Xx

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