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Make Way For The NEW Prince Ali!

Disney fanatics, who else is SO excited for the new Aladdin film? I’m going to see it tomorrow evening with my friends, and I’m sure we won’t be the only adults without kids at the screening…

I think we can all safely agree that Aladdin is one of the all time best Disney epics, thanks to the legendary late Robin Williams playing Genie. The new live-action remake will feature Will Smith as Genie – he’s no Robin Williams, but he’s a brilliant actor with perfect comic timing so I’m confident that he’ll have done the role justice!

Here’s the trailer for the new Aladdin live-action film… What do you think? Tell us in the comments (without spoilers please)!

Which other Disney films would you LOVE to see made into a live-action remake? Tell us in the comments!

Love from Team BBY! Xx

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