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New Study Supports Theory That Autism is Genetic

There have been many different theories floating around about the cause of autism, but the general consensus has always been that autism could have genetic influences.

I mean, it makes sense – research reported here shows that parents of autistic children are more likely to show autistic traits themselves. I myself am diagnosed as autistic, my three year old is going through the process of assessment, and we can see the threads of autism woven through the family tapestries on both sides of the family. Scientific studies have previously indicated that genetics are a primary cause of autism, which is no surprise to me.

In July, the largest epidemiological study of its kind was published and concluded, again, that genetics are the primary cause of autism.

These findings found that maternal and environmental factors previously feared to contribute towards autism (birthweight, mode/timing of delivery, nutrition etc) are minimal! The a team led by Sven Sandin, an epidemiological researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden has stated;

“The current study results provide the strongest evidence to our knowledge to date that the majority of risk for autism spectrum disorders is from genetic factors.”

Read the full study here.

This study adds further weight against fearmongering about other causes of autism, I’m sure my fellow autistic adults and parents of autistic children will be familiar with this. Please share this news far and wide to help set people’s minds at ease about the cause of autism!

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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