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Sainsbury's Bans Sale of Fireworks in ALL Stores!

Parents of small children and owners of pets are bound to be pleased by this news…

Sainsburys has taken the unprecedented step of banning the sale of fireworks in their stores, amid regular complaints from members of the public in the run up to Bonfire Night each year.

See the confirmation below;

Sainsbury’s have also stated;

“Fireworks are no longer available in our stores but customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light up spinning wands.”

Parents, caregivers, elderly people & organisations everywhere are praising Sainsbury’s for their decision.

The Dog’s Trust has spoken out in support of the ban;

“Although they can look beautiful, fireworks can be very distressing for dogs when let off unexpectedly, and because they are so easily accessible all year-round, dog owners are on tenterhooks as to when their beloved pooch will next be frightened. We congratulate Sainsbury’s on their decision not to sell fireworks this year and would encourage others to do the same.”

We think that this is a really good idea. Fireworks can be fun and super entertaining, but ultimately they are dangerous and can cause distress especially if set off unexpectedly. We support any moves made to keep fireworks exclusive for public events and specific occasions such as Bonfire Night and New Years Eve, for the sake of our little ones, pets and vulnerable people.

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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